Great show at East Bay

What a fun show Saturday night.

In what East Bay calls ‘Full House’ night, they ran features - only for their regular 9 classes. Where else can you see Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Lates, Micro Sprints and 4 full body classes in 1 night? Great deal at $17. Even a couple of minor rain delays didn’t stop the show, and the track crew never even thought of giving up.

Also got to run into a couple of old Karnac buddies, OSF, Trash in Turn 4 (Doug) and Gary J. (Johnson). Although I didn’t met him there, it was great to see Rich Pratt running in both Mods & LM’S.
Kyle Bronson won the LM feature, but finished 2nd to a very impressive Austin Sanders in the Mods. Nice job Austin…

Well worth the drive

One thing that no one has mention about and esp. the group that calls for racing on nights other Saturdays. East Bay has raced on several Thursday nights since they have had a lot of Saturdays rain out.

Yep and I was at each of those Thur Night Races… great idea and I think it could catch on real well for those of us that are hard core racers/fans…even if they ran features only… it would be a mid-week fix…OSF

Hi Jerry… good to see you and the side-kick once again…looking forward to NSS for the Gov. Cup weekend…OSF

It was great seeing you and Roger again, we definitely got our money’s worth !!!

It was also great seeing my ol’ friend OSF !!!