what is news at 3 palms.

Well they are on the agenda for the CCAA meeting this morning. I understand they told some employees last Saturday that they were leaving. Since they fail to show up at these meetings they might just be gone already.

Does anyone know if there is anybody or group that is interested in taking over the track? We live in south Ft. Myers and have always enjoyed going to the race track and sure hope it will be opened again. Thanks

It would be a shame if it doesn’t re-open soon. Nice cleared land with good access from the expressway. Too valuable to sit dormant and once the track goes to a developer, whether business or residential, it’ll be “history”. I’ve also enjoyed some pleasant nights at the facility a few years back.

I was hoping to hear what happened at that meeting? Sure would love to see some racing again at the speedway . Has anyone heard if anyone is interested in taking over the race track? I miss those Saturday nights and know a lot of other people miss it too

They were evicted and the gates etc were locked. But they showed up and got the locks off and ran a Drift event. Also, FPL had turned of the power too.