Prayers needed

Desoto Speedway would like to send our thoughts and prayers to Randy Fox and his family. Randy Fox is in Gulfcoast hospital, he had a brain aneurysm last night fell and bumped his head and is unresponsive. We will try to keep you posted but please pray for him. Randy has been a big part of our racing family for many years and needs our support and prayers.

I just got off the phone with the family and Randy has passed away.
He was a great competitor, especially in the Southwest Florida racing community.
He home track being Charlotte County Speedway I had the honor to see him race many times.
He was a hard nosed racer that didn’t put up with a lot b-s from people…

Gone to soon for sure

God Speed Randy

wow, I am very sorry to hear that. I enjoyed watching Randy race for many years, but never had the pleasure of meeting him. I know he left a lot of fans behind.

One of my favorite pictures is of him and I running late models side by side at New Smyrna in the 90’s. Rest in peace, Randy.

“Hondo” was a great competitor… I remember him from the old Florida Pro Series days and he was always a blast to be around… Was part of one of the most “controversial” situations ever at Orlando SpeedWorld (many of you know what I’m referring to)… Cherish those around you as you never know what plans God has for you and your friends/family… RIP Randy…

Some photos of Randy from his racing days including one in his Hooters-sponsored car at USA International and a recent one of him in his shop with his driver Ross Chastain…


Randy Fox.jpg

Prayers and condolences to the family.

Randy is now gone, Bithlo is dormant.

If the story is in good taste and would be fitting, please share.


If the story is in good taste and would be fitting, please share.[/QUOTE]

I don’t know all the details, but I think it had to do with the clever way they ballasted the car, and what resulted when he crashed. I’ll let someone more knowledgeable fill in the rest.

Good racers are always trying something! Think "liquid lead’.

so sad–

Mercury, it’s called by most. I was there that night. It was a mess.

First let me say prayers and my condolences to the family. Randy was great racer and fun to be around, he’ll be missed greatly. I was at Orlando that night and saw it, here’s the article from night.

Great guy and friend for many years…sure will miss ya old man…
God got a good one.
rember him for all the great times we had RIP HONDO


My best memories of Randy was eating lunch with him at the Outpost Bar. He loved going there for lunch. Dad and myself and my brother would all meet him there and hang out. When I first started racing he used to give me nose pieces from his car to put on my purestock. Used to think it was the coolest thing that Mr Fox would give me stuff to run. Eventually I ran against him in Limited latemodels and had a blast doing it. It was kind of like having the intimidator behind you when you saw him in the mirror. He was an innovator in racing and bent the rules a bit but who doesn’t. He had lots of secrets lol. Miss you Bud. I will, carry you with me in my heart as I continue to race. Your friend always.

Stuart VanDevender. #36 with # 4 on my mind