Pro Truck Promo by Formula Automobile Racing Assoc.

The Formula and Automobile Racing Association has added the Pro Trucks to their Miami 500 event on November 28th and 29th. The Pro Truck road course class is called FARA FT-1 Class.

Pro Truck Race Teams interested in racing must email by November 15th, 2015. Please include your driver’s full name, race truck number, sport physical, and a short race bio (bio not necessary, but nice to have)


What is this purse? Is there a purse. Second time I’ve asked with no answer. Guessing it’s run for free.

You know the answer trouble maker. LOL !

I think it is so cool that short trackers get a chance to road race. And to think that some teams will miss out because the last place money is $20 less than they demand. Stay home! The racers will be there and will have an unforgettable time.

Southern Pro Am Truck Series- Homestead Exhibition

Boneman, you are so right, this is an invitational event that will provide exposure of the trucks to 20,000 plus fans. Last years attendance was over 35,000 and they are expecting more. Trucks will be on display at the Homestead 400 Finale event. Definitely we would never have this opportunity or any where close to that many on any Saturday night show. Plus, the event will lead to future events at other tracks which at some point will bring sponsors and purse. Definitely the most exciting thing coming up cant wait to participate.