Taking It To The Streets

Come enjoy the fun that is the 5th Annual Inverness Grand Prix. A street party and car show Friday November 20th and Kart racing on the streets of
Inverness. Oval, Road course and Champ karts one of Florida’s most unique events Saturday November 21st.



I kid you not, last years IGP was our favorite race of the year. Even with all the rain, my son and I loved it. He road raced like a lunatic on the wet track, and it turned into the most exciting kart race I have ever seen.

This was a happy weekend for the local community, and is the type of event that our sport desperately needs more of. Hoping for better weather this year!

Thanks for the kind words

The Unique nature of the race and the seemingly unlimited support of the City and “FANS” make the event most rewarding. Hope to see you all again this year.