Prayers for my Dad

Hey y’all.

Y’all have been good friends here on KARNAC, and hell, I’ve even met a few of y’all in person. Most of you know we (my family) have been involved in Florida short track racing for decades - and only in Late Models/Super Late Models - never anything less.

My dad, Jim, is a quiet guy - never sought the spotlight, was never really well-known - but, if you know some of the guys we’ve had in our cars over the last 40+ years, you know that my dad helped put those guys in the winner’s circle at damn near every place we raced. Started out at Palm Beach and Hialeah hooking up with Bob Kirk and Don Denney, later Paul Conners, and then to the west coast at places like Sunshine, Golden Gate, Inverness, Auburndale, Punta Gorda, and Bradenton, where we had just about anybody who’s anybody behind the wheel of our cars - Childers, Scarborough, Wayne Reutimann, Billy Gill, Pletcher, Wescott, Moyer, Shorty Stuart, Purcell, Gertsner, just to name a few that Dad put into Victory Lane. Our biggest win came in the 1981 Coca-Cola 200 at DeSoto - we beat guys like Anderson, Porter, Pletcher, Trickle, Eddy, and Howe, among many more talented short track Late Model drivers.

Dad was very recently diagnosed with cancer. He starts chemotherapy next week, but, at the moment, he ain’t feelin’ so hot. Over the last ten years or so, he was also the car owner of the black #12 driven by my brother, Scott, at Orlando, Auburndale, and Showtime. He races because he has such a passion for this as a hobby. It’s certainly not a “money-maker” for him, but, if he could make it to the track, he’d be there every week. Open trailer, old dually pick-up truck, ten-year-old chassis…but he’d still try and make it.

I know he’s got a lot of friends in Florida short track racing. Please pray for his recovery and fight to beat this stuff. Love y’all and sure do miss Florida.

Prayers already in progress, Jimmy.

Hope y’all are back at the track soon, Jim.

And for those of us in relatively good shape, thank you Lord, may we use our time wisely.

Really cool tribute to you Dad, Jimmy. I raced against your brother a couple times at Orlando, but never got to meet him or your Father. My prayers for him for a speedy recovery.

Thoughts for your Dad and family Jimmy…

I will put him on my prayer list Jimmy! God bless!

Prayers Jim!!!

PS Who’s the two weirdo’s on either side of him in that one pic? :slight_smile:

Time for an update (10/30/15):

Got a text from my stepmom on Monday saying that she had taken Dad to the ER for an “elevated heart rate”. I immediately booked a flight to Florida and got down here Tuesday morning. Doc scheduled Dad for a biopsy; went through that, but we won’t know anything from until next week. They did say, though, that they found some tumors.

Doc called my stepmom Wednesday afternoon… with not-so-good news. This cancer is very aggressive and…inoperable. :frowning: Dad, bein’ Dad ‘n all - although he’s in a little pain from the surgery - is takin’ it fairly well…but docs aren’t sure what kind of cancer it is, or how far long it is. We can’t get any answers, other than “wait til the tests come back”.

It hurts. It’s painful, waiting…and waiting. Dad is lookin’ pretty rough; he"s lost over 40 pounds in less than two months. I hate seein’'im like this.

Please continue to pray that we beat this…just like we beat all the hot shoes. :slight_smile:

Love y’all. Thanks.


Am now including you in my prayers, sir.

Something that I found helpful when facing a similar situation…Instead of praying for specifics, I prayed for God’s Will to be done. And then was at peace when it was.

Eventually, maybe not so eventually, we will all face a similar situation. I have also been praying for my own Faith to be stronger so that it is not so…frightening.

Hang in there and make every moment count, as we all should with our loved ones while we can.

Update on Dad (11/1/15):

Dad has been vomiting since Thursday when I brought him from the hospital; he was “OK” while he was there, but I had to stop the car on the way home so he could throw up. He hasn’t been able to keep anything down since he got home. He tries to eat/drink (and had been having Gatorade) to try and keep something in him, but no luck.

I flew home last night (Orlando to Cleveland) and got in around 10:15-10:30pm. On the way home, my brother, Scott, calls me and tells me Dad had fallen trying to get up out of a chair to go to the bathroom. My stepmom couldn’t lift/help him up, and apparently he was hurt, so she called Scott (who lives only a half a block away) and also called 911.

Scott said that Dad’s condition had really deteriorated since Saturday morning - and the prognosis ain’t looking too good. :frowning:

Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.


Just now seeing this about your dad, so sorry to hear.

Having been through the same thing with close family members I am well aware of the anguish and the emotional roller coaster ride that goes along with this horrible disease when a family member is suffering.

Our thoughts are with you and your family with sincere hopes of the best possible outcome for your dad.

Jim F.

Update 11/6/15:

Dad’s gettin’ worse. :confused: Not much else to say. After the last update I posted, it was discovered that his intestine was all “twisted” (stepmom’s words), and he was going to have a “simple procedure” done to un-twist it. Monday (11/2), it was discovered that the problem was more serious than initially thought, and he couldn’t start any chemo treatments until that problem was corrected. Dad and stepmom (Stacy) were gonna talk to doctors Wednesday on whether or not to go through with surgery and treatments.

…and Dad decided…not to. :frowning: He’s tired of being in the pain that he’s in, and having surgery would’ve meant being in more pain longer before starting chemo. So…he made his decision…and now he’s in hospice care.

Got word today (Friday, 11/6) that since he got moved into hospice Thursday, his health has severely deteriorated. My wife, my daughter, and I are flying down there tomorrow; we tried to get flights rescheduled, but was either full or too much $$$ ($500 one-way…).

Thanks again for all of your support, prayers, and thoughts. Y’all mean a lot to Dad, and he will be missed at any race track.

God bless y’all.


I dunno, am not facing precisely your deal, but my Father’s time is not far off.

Good to get said all one has to say, actually try to keep up with that with everyone I know…

At this point, I believe your Father made the right decision.

God Bless your family.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers.

At approximately 5:20pm Friday, November 6, 2015, my dad…lost his battle. :frowning:

He is now at peace with God and with himself.

Means a lot to know that he had a lot of great friends in Florida short track racing, and that he accomplished what he did on the budget that they raced with.

You know…I have a LOT of “online-only” friends that I’ve never met in person - Disney friends, racing friends, R/C friends, Hot Wheels friends, and so on. Today, we faced the impending loss of my dad after 68 years after fighting a losing battle. This thing progressed very quickly, and just (emotionally) tore me up from the get-go. Almost each and every one of my “online friends” have offered prayers and support from the beginning back in September when we first found out about this.

Make peace with each other. Be that friend in real life. Don’t hold any grudges. Because nothing else matters more than a happy, healthy, long life. I love each and every one of you, no matter our differences in skin color, taste in music, favorite Disney attractions, our “hero” short track drivers, favorite football team, whatever. Y’all make life worth livin’.


Y’all have a good weekend.


Thoughts and prayers to you and your family from the Hart Family, myself and everyone at New Smyrna Speedway.

Hey Jimmy, sorry for your loss and sad to welcome you to the club. It’s one thing to lose people as you get older, not easy, it’s another to lose your dad. Realize as you look in the mirror and as you look at your brother, he’s still partially here and I’m sure he’d want you to be happy and he loved you all very much.


So sorry for your loss and will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Skip Honaker


My condolences…Sounds like your father had a incredible racing history. I just lost a close friend to cancer and the stories are scary similar. If you or your family need anything just ask.

God must be planning a big race

Prayers for you and your family my friend. I lost my dad almost 6 years and I too had to watch my hero deteriorate, and he was only 67. God Bless you all.

Working on a memorial decal for my dad for your car windows. If any of Dad’s racin’ buddies would like one, please message me. Cost will be approximately $8.00.


Don’t know if you are still in town, but if you are, here are a couple of things to consider:

– If there is a trophy room, perhaps see if you can take one home with you as a remembrance.

– If possible, maybe attending the Governor’s Cup would be a good thing.

Am guessing your Dad will be there watching and feeling like his old, strong, winning self!