Sportsman racing at Bronson Sunday Nov.1

as far as I can tell no tracks are racing Sportsman this Saturday night- now I’ve read the complaints about how all tracks run Saturdays so here’s everyones chance; Sunday Nov. 1 racing at Bronson Speedway, 3:30pm

btw- according to their facebook page if they get 10 or more cars, any division, the purse will be adjusted upwards!
purses being cut is something folks have complained about- so here’s a chance to increase the payout
plus $100 for fast time in the Sportsman division

forget about football- there’s plenty of that season left, blow off the NASCAR contrived drama and come out and support a local track :ernaehrung004:

I’m expecting a good field of cars in all divisions, and a good crowd on hand- any takers?

Thanks for posting that. Gonna try and go, would have had no idea they were racing Sunday otherwise.

Myself and AB195 ate heading there from Orlando

go to bat, boys–step up to plate and hit one of these sunday afternoon shows. the coaches would be proud of you, and the crowd might like it, too.

just got home from work- cleaning up and heading that way! :ernaehrung004:

What did you guys eat?

Damn spellchecker. … it’s my worst enema.

Seriously though, just got back to Orlando from Bronson, and will have to admit I had fun. Small car counts, but a couple excellent races mixed in.
Highlight of the night was Scott Prentice figuring out that the 2 bums hanging out near him, was AB195 & myself.

He’ll probably be ashamed, but I’m proud to have met a truly good guy, with an honest PASSION for racing.

Cool to meet you Scott…

PS - I’m cool with it if you deny we’ve ever met. You wouldn’t be the first that distanced yourself from me…!

Oh no Frass…by Scott not responding to your post one way or the other, you have no idea how he is feeling about meeting you…lol
But I am sure he was happy to meet you as well.

Sunday at Bronson Speedway

LoL! it was cool meeting you also Jerry, and Rodger (AB195) too!
I’ll be looking for you guys at All-Tech on the 22nd :ernaehrung004:

hey where were you Don Nerone? LoL!

yeah I love that little track and it was a great day for racing
as you said car counts were a little down, but a couple of good races were run
I wish nothing but the best for Ms. Young and Bronson Speedway in 2016

I’m going to try to get back there for the last race of the season on Nov. 28th; 50 laps $1000 to win for the Sportsman! :aktion033:

Are there any actual results posted anywhere? They probably only post to their Twitter X-Box account LOL…

I’ve heard that place is a badass little track with lots of banking. Everyone has told me it’s fun as hell the drive. Just sucks that it’s so far away, or I bet the place would be hoppin every week.

It’s a great track to drive. i ran there years ago. The (dip) in turn 4 made it interesting. if you changed your line by 6" through turn 4 it completely changed the exit. good banking.


calling like it is— there is big “wooop-de-wooo” in turn ,3 and a smaller woop-de-woo in turn 1, slightly, coming out of turn 2. it’s a blast to any of the big machines that navigate this raceway, or as fans can see. these cars had a blast on this old raceway, and the races were good.
nice to put a name to a face, scotprntss, the dude is cool, man. looking forward to seeing you at a raceway again soon. r.

The “Dip in turn 4” you speak of is no longer…they fixed it…OSF

Its as fun track to run for sure. Keep hoping for the best.
Miss the good ole days for sure . :ernaehrung004:
Havent seen the results posted yet Dave.

The dip, or bump, is actually in the second line going into 3. Hit it many a time and if you have enough speed, and hit it just right, all 4 wheels leave the ground. My last race over there I hit it so hard my tranny jump out of gear. Now THAT was fun… lol

all 4 wheels left the ground, I didn’t see any of that, but that would have been hilarious, for sure.

Having my NSS front shocks still on didn’t help much. Way too stiff for Bronson. Sitting in the car that’s what it felt like…:blink: