Gov. Cup

Which teams have signed up for the Gov. Cup…it’s getting close and haven’t seen any names yet…OSF

Just looked at nss website under gov cup entries. If it is accurate, ty majeski, Derek Kraus and a few others from way out of state. Not a ton overall, but some obvious ones are missing.


FROM NSS WEBSITE as of 11/02

1 Cody Coughlin Delaware, OH
8 DJ Hoelzle Palm Harbor, FL
9 Derek Kraus Stratford, WI
14 Austin Nason Roscoe, IL
16 Vinnie Miller Cornelius, NC
30 Jesse Dutilly Bradenton, FL
36 Tim Russell Longwood, FL
91 Ty Majeski Seymour, WI
00 Anthony Cataldi Umatilla, FL

8 DJ Hoelzle Palm Harbor, FL
94 Dalton Nelson Pinellas Park, FL

36 Tim Russell Longwood, Fl

U can add Alex Labb?, from Victoriaville, Qu?bec.

The Anthony Campi 81 is coming with a “young driver from up north”… I guessed Tyler Dippel, but they said they weren’t in a position to say just yet who it is.

The Eagle Jet team had two cars at NSS Saturday night and brought them thru tech to check them out for weight and template fit… Johanna Long will be driving… George Gorham, Jr. has his car just about ready… Kim is only posting paid entries this year and with the awesome mail service provided by USPS, they are a bit slow coming in… I would expect 30-35 cars this year… all quality ones and there could be more… The Pro Lates are sort of up in the air as I’ve talked to a few teams who do not plan to race including NSS champion Zach Jarrell but there still should be a quality field even if it isn’t so great numbers-wise… The Mods should bring a ton of cars for the purse being offered, but you never know… The Sportsman could be racing for free and still bring a big field of cars!

Also… Manheim Orlando stepped up to the plate and the Super Stocks will now go for 50 laps on Saturday… Should be an awesome day & night on the 14th if the weather will just cooperate this year…

Labbe is a great addition. He runs better at NSS every time he’s there. Top 5 car when ACT is in town also.

Saw where travis cope would not be there due to scheduling conflicts.

I spoke with Bubba Pollard at the Alabama 200 and he said he would be here. Jeff Scofield will be there as well.

I wasn’t planning on going but now I’ll have someone to pull against!

cody stickler dq’ed

anyone know why cody was dq’ed at sunshine last week ???


Re: Stickler @ Showtime/Eddie Brann Race

Typically Showtime’s website lists disqualifications, perhaps as a deterrent (!).

However, nothing there and additionally, the site still lists him as 2nd in the “results” section.

But we are off topic…