Amf Chassis Wants To Congratulate

59 of becca monopoli winner at showtime
42 of jon guy fast time and second at auburndale speedway

25 of paul white fourth in his pro running with supers auburndale speedway
56 of brandon morris second in sportsman at auburndale speedway
28 owned by butch elliott and built by amf chassis fast time and winner at auburndale speedway:sport009:

That was an excellent race at Auburndale, congratulations on a well-deserved win.

What made the difference? How did you make a late-race pass on a determined and skilled competitor? I think the difference was in the chassis. To me, it looked like #28 turned in the middle better than anyone else. It looked like you would pick up a few feet in the middle of every corner, and that advantage, coupled with all of the other elements working well, put you in victory circle.

Good race!

Agreed, the 28 was stuck down in the middle.

Ernie’s grandson is no slouch in his own right, either.

Correct. When I said “all other elements”, I meant that the driver worked it out very well too.

I see.

I thought it had to do with Chemistry and embalming and all that…