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Wow. Bruce Bennet drove his ass off. That was messy.

Daniel Keene just punted Brad May. Keene parked for the race. They were running 1-2

There’s a picture on the speed 51 “race feed” I think it’s called. One guy with a split forehead wrestling with another guy. Some big ole dudes in the pits!

What teams were fighting?

Curtis was driving the Reynolds 20car and dumped Preston hunt on the backstretch. Curtis was parked. Bruce Bennet was in the team 20 car. Caught hedegren. Spun hedegren. Got sent to the back and drove through the field and won. Big fight in pits.

Thank you #8 mod

What a crazy night. Zach was driving my car since the points season was over and he was doing really good. There is one car that you can’t pass without being hit. Ralph pointed the black flag at this person 2 times for turning left on my cars down the straights. So finally Zach held his ground and the guy wrecked his car. We never like seeing people’s cars tore up but when you want to drive like a idiot your gonna wreck. These guys started jumping on my roof and hood of my car when I was in victory lane with my other car, then we had a big scuffle. All uncalled for and very unsportsmanlike like they have been all yr. My truck and trailer were parked on the back side of the pits and when we went to load up our stuff somebody had slashed 3 tires on my trailer. Thank you to DJ and his crew with the #8 mod and late model for taking the tires off their trailer so I could get home. Nice to see there are good people out there still.

It’s amazing how nobody ever brings anything upon themselves and never does anything wrong. Always the victim. Hmmm. I think they call that the self-entitlement generation. :anim_buttkick:


You are generally, and partially, right, imo.

It is popular these days to say “I misbehaved because ‘they’ did thus and so and ‘made’ me do it. Therefore I am justified.”

It is also popular to say “I ‘can’t’ because I have been mistreated and blah blah blah…, and therefore my sorriness is justified”

BUT, some people truly are the pork-ees. For instance, Bodine, Waltrip, Labonte, and the other 40 cars on the track never “made” ironhead put them into the wall, and if they spoke of it, they were not being whiners, they were stating the fact.

Simple on paper–Do the right thing, and then tell the truth. It ain’t that hard in theory, sometimes hard in practice.

Good thing we got God to sort it all out at the final checker. And there will be no appeals.

ps–where are the cops during all this roof-jumpin’ and tire slashin’?


ps–where are the cops during all this roof-jumpin’ and tire slashin’?[/QUOTE]

Good point OS,

At the previous Gov cup races there used to be a couple of private security guards roaming around to help keep order, this year there was nobody but the track workers.

As far as causing damage to someone’s truck, trailer or hauler, that is just stupid and is totally uncalled for.