Keene vs May

From my view, Keene roughed up may to get by on restart. Then may roughed him up to get back by. Then Keene pulls a peckerhead move by right rearing him going into thee. Wide open. Lost some respect for him tonight.

On a side note, the track might want to step in and make sure they don’t screw up the show tomorrow…

Agreed… lots of respect lost. It’s one thing to retaliate in relatively harmless ways… it’s another when you wall someone at 130 MPH.

Fucking with the possibility of taking a life is over the line.

IMO, intentionally hitting someone in the RR at speed is the dirtiest of dirty moves.

Is Brad all right? I assume the car is done?

Brads ok, car looked done. There is a pic on speed51.

I really thought, “well they are even now” then Keene really did him dirty, hell if he would have slid up into him going into 3 I would’ve understood to some degree.

It’s funny the guy next to me didn’t get how it was unnecessary or overly aggressive. Never saw the initial contact from Keene etc. Tried to explain it to him, but some people you just can’t reach…

My view

Keene moved May

May moved Keene

At that point is was even, and equal eye for an eye.

then Keene right reared May, which in my opinion is a very scary move going that fast, my initial thought was, I hope he (May) is ok, he went in pretty straight and hard.