Showtime was the place to be last night! OWM #2 Bowman Wins $5000.00!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]Showtime was the place to be last night! OWM #2 Bowman Wins $5000.00!!!
They put it out there ($5000.00 to come from the rear with 18+ OWM) 19 showed up and Brad Bowman set FAST TIME. He took Robert’s CHALLENGE. Man we saw a RACE of RACES!!! And if that wasn’t enough it was a DOUBLE POINTS NIGHT with three Drivers looking to come home CHAMPION!!!
Devin McLeod, Wayne Jefferson,and LJ Grimm. None of these guys was about to give in. The race saw the CHAMPIONSHIP in the mix of most of the race. The starts were tight and wheel to wheel. Everyone new it was only a matter of time when it would happen. On a restart saw the front row became three wide into turn one and all HELL broke louse. It took out three of the top running cars (LJ Grim hit the turn one wall a TON, Doug Miller, and Kyle Bookmiller) seeing the CHAMPIONSHIP come down to two Rocket Man Jefferson and McLeod. Oh yeah Bowman used all his skills to cut through the field with the precision of a surgeon. At this point he worked his way up to forth for the next restart. After a clean restart saw Bowman blade cut his way to second behind Rocket Man. Another yellow saw Jefferson take the outside. Bowman didn’t flinch and got by for the lead. Another quick yellow put the restart rule of SHOWTIME in play (as it has been used every time any one jumps the cone you go to the rear). Jefferson jumped (or did Bowman totally make the $5000.00 brain move) bring out the yellow and Jefferson sent to the rear. NOW with 15 cars still in the race saw Jefferson fitting in about 10th (lap cars) and his CHAMPIONSHIP hope was in deep Shi… Devin was running a strong second and Jefferson guns were set on KILL!!! Using the chrome horn moved several out the non Championship cars out of the way. What if’s will always be out there.
Congrats out to Brad Bowman for putting on a clinic on driving and making $5000.00 CHALLENGE a REAL RACE from the REAR. Also congrat’s to Devin McLeod (and his whole Team) the 2015 SHOWTIME OWM CHAMPIONSHIP.

The other Races were just as good. In Street Stocks saw Billy Billy Carlbert Jr held another HARD AS… charger from the rear mounted Cody Stickler who started at the rear of a 19 car field (another HELL-of A- RACE) finishing 2nd by inches and Cody Carlbert rounding out the top three. The rest of the Races were as good!!!

Next week you will get a real BANG for your BUC ($$$$$$)!!! Robert’s got the 3rd Annual Salute to Denny Neighbor Sr.
Outlaw winged Sprints
Pro Trucks
Mini Stock
Street Stock
Mod Mini
Sr. Street Stock
So if you want to see some of BEST Racing in the South. SHOWTIME will be the PLACE!!! The two grove Bull Ring!!!I know I will BE THERE!!![/SIZE][/I][/B]

Congrats !!

To Brad, His car was fast and he drove the heck out of it. Good to see someone get the money.

For those that once complained about boring kart races at the tracks on Saturday nights. This is a reason that it was important. I remember when Brad 1st started in karts. On a sad note, it seems like karts are going by the wayside in Florida just like short track racing.