Snowball Derby

Good luck to the entire TM Ranch drivers of David Rogers, Brad May and Patrick Thomas this week at Five Flags Speedway for the 48th running of the Snowball Derby.

Agreed, and may they all return safely as well.

I believe it was 2007 that was my only trip to the Derby…although I’d been there once before for an All-Pro Series race in 84 I think.

There are very few comparisons that I personally have to that experience.

The Race of Champions in Trenton NJ, American 400 in Nashville, Super Dirt Week in Syracuse,the Collassal 100 at the Dirt Track at Lowes… these races are absolute CLASSICS.

And the Derby is right up there with the BEST there is.

Every year since I did go, something fell apart (time/$) but I WILL be back soon.

This should be on the Bucket List of every true Fla race fan

Nothing like it…!!!

All 4 days for me this year!:ernaehrung004:


If you could keep us appraised, especially regarding the TM Ranch Team & drivers, it would be greatly appreciated.

Who has got updates?

Rogers just missed it in last chance race w a flat tire. Was up to 6 or 7 I think.

You watching on speed51?

Sorry guys I have been busy keeping on my followers on twitter, facebook, snapchat and myspace updated, no time for karnac, you guys really need to sign for the social media thing. Just kidding, I’ve been too freakin busy enjoying the SBD!

Patrick had a super good run going and was in contention until he got taken out by the biggest a-hole we have up here. Patrick was driving up the outside of him coming off 4 and was almost completely beside him and the guy just acted like there was no one out there. Then the guy got DQ’d for other dirty driving. - Sorry Pat :frowning: we were all pulling for ya, saw u walking around several times but u weren’t there when I came by ur pit. Mader III won, Patrick was lurking there hoping to get his hands around the guys neck that crashed him.
Brad May got caught up in the big one before he really had a chance to get going…looked good tough luck.
Surely David will get a provisional?

I guess Rodgers didn’t make it :frowning:

Fans can tune in and watch all of the live video action on the Speed51 TV broadcast beginning with a two-hour live pre-race interview show at noon CT (1pm ET), leading up to flag-to-flag, multiple-camera angle broadcast when the green drops at 2pm CT (3pm ET). Watch it live only on Speed51 TV for just $29.99 by clicking this link.

Starting Lineup
48th Annual Snowball Derby
Sunday, December 6, 2015

1 91 Ty Majeski Time Trials
2 9 Chase Elliott Time Trials
3 48 Preston Peltier Time Trials
4 5S Dalton Sargeant Time Trials
5 11 Logan Boyett Time Trials
6 7 Casey Roderick Time Trials
7 21 Johanna Long Time Trials
8 51N Stephen Nasse Time Trials
9 20 Spencer Davis Time Trials
10 3 Kaz Grala Time Trials
11 5H Daniel Hemric Time Trials
12 43 Derek Thorn Time Trials
13 112 Augie Grill Time Trials
14 31 Kyle Grissom Time Trials
15 9 William Byron Time Trials
16 2 D.J. VanderLey Time Trials
17 5 Jerry Artuso Time Trials
18 26 Bubba Pollard Time Trials
19 77 Zane Smith Time Trials
20 9 Derek Kraus Time Trials
21 2W Donnie Wilson Time Trials
22 45 Kyle Plott Time Trials
23 83 Scotty Ellis Time Trials
24 12 Harrison Burton Time Trials
25 H2 Bret Holmes Time Trials
26 42 Chad Finley Time Trials
27 67 Clay Jones Time Trials
28 17 Quin Houff Time Trials
29 8 Noah Gragson Time Trials
30 7 Corey LaJoie Time Trials
31 51 Christopher Bell Last Chance 1st
32 15 Christian Eckes Last Chance 2nd
33 13 Cassius Clark Last Chance 3rd
34 29 Caleb Adrian Last Chance 4th
35 99 Casey Smith Blizzard Series Provisional
36 1 Garrett Jones So. Super Series Provisional
37 8 John Hunter Nemechek Defending Champ

What’s the story on the dirt Super Late Model on the pictures?
The pace car maybe?

Had a great run going in the TM Ranch Super Stock, qualified P2 fell to 3rd early drove back to 2nd, took the lead in traffic from Dave Mader only to get passed back a couple laps later. Way to many cautions this year, I needed longer runs with my 602 motor, but that never really happened, it took about 3 laps for mine and Maders speed to even out, the 2 to 3 more laps for me to start making up ground. My car was awesome on the high side and could hold off almost anybody, just got run into the fence like I wasn’t even out there. Oh well, we will be back next year.

Thanks David Rogers and Steve Holland and the whole TM Ranch crew for giving me this opportunity to drive a fast beautiful Racecar.

Patrick Thomas.

The dirt Super late looking car was an interesting version of how you could interpret the Superstock body rules.

Good nose down force on big track like 5 flags.

Sorry to hear Patrick, but sounds like you did a great job. When I saw that dirt late model looking car, I thought Lurkin didn’t know where he was!

good race so far, here we go…

a 25 lap shoot out to decide the Derby- LoL :ernaehrung004:

Good job christopher bell

So much for good job, 3 strikes your done with the Derby. 51 team was warned by judge an jury (Ricky Brooks) about being over on leftside %.
Good job Chase Elliott how does it feel to get it on technicality like 51 did a couple years ago. Turn about is fair play.
All in all very good race today, shame to see John Hunter go up in flames after marching his way to the front.

I know rules are rules but maybe Brooks has a ax to grind with Bell and team, a car goes through tech and is good, qualify pole and not good. go through tech again before snowball , car is good, win the race from the back and now to heavy left side weight. Cars was impounded after tech, so what did they do put heavier rims and tires on left side??? NOT

I was watching live timing on Race Monitor, and they only showed 298 laps. Was that a mistake?

With the fuel burnoff and rubber buildup etc things change over the course of the race. They shouldnt have been sooo close on the numbers prior to the race. He said they were warned 3 times about it and chose not to adjust. They didnt complain when they got the win from Chase a few yrs back.