Sprint Car Series Names, Top Choices

Ok so here is a list of Top Choices Please help choose one of the following"

SCRA = Sprint Car Racing Alliance
PSA = Pavement Sprintcar Association
SSCS= Southern Sprint Car Shootout
SSCC= Southern States Sprintcar Challenge


Any or all of those are good, imo.

Since I am a pavement guy, the “Pavement Sprintcar Association” is probably the most appealing.

And they could be combined:

Pavement Sprintcar Challenge for instance. Describes a series rather than an organization.

Rick, I am going to show up and race no matter what it is called. But since you asked my opinion:

1 SCRA, this is the Southern California Racing Association, a sprint car group that has used this name for many years in California.

2 PSA, this is what gets tested during a prostate exam. Why not just call it “PROSTATE”, PRO Sprints That Are Terribly Exciting"?

3 SSCS, an awkward acronym that sounds too much like another regional series, the USCS.

4 SSCC, the best of these four, but why does everything have to be an acronym? “Top Gun” is a good name, and not just a collection of letters.

“Why not just call it ‘PROSTATE’, PRO Sprints That Are Terribly Exciting?”--Boneman

A penetrating question indeed.