Desoto Track

Anyone heard how the track was in testing on Friday with the milling and the American Racer changes

Track was a dust bowl didn’t even blow it off after they resurfaced it like racing at the beach

How much smoother was the track

Was pretty smooth hell of a lot better then last year

Track Cleaning

Just a little FYI, the track was swept two hours on Thurs, two hours on Friday and hit with the blower a couple times. So the statement that was made that we didn’t even clean the track was another one of those false accusations. As for it being dusty, yeah it was still a bit dusty but after a few runs it was better.

Just a thought here, but is there any access to vacuums rather than blowers?
Seems to me that most of the dirt and such falls between the pieces of gravel… not laying on top.
I’d think that one real good vacuuming would immediately make a big difference


I believe street sweepers have brush and vacuum.