Anyone going to Bronson tonight?

Sportsman, 50 laps- $1000 to win plus Emods, Pure Stocks, and Strickly Stocks.
It’s the only track racing in the whole state and the weather is looking good for tonight!

I didn’t get the chance to go to the Red Eye so I’m going to go and get my fix until speedweeks start :ernaehrung004:

Races were cancelled- I’m not going to say anything about the cancellation, go to their facebook if you want to read about it.

I broke one of my cardinal rules by not calling the track before I left the house- so that’s on me- but I did check the weather (rain 20% chance).
Disappointed to say the least after a 2 1/2 hour drive to find the track closed.
Apparently they cancelled around 10 am on facebook- LoL

What I will say is that I went to 19 of the shows there last season and spent $1000+ in admission and concessions, so I have a pretty good idea of what goes on there.
Car counts are always low and in fact many nights one of the classes advertised did not run- Street Stocks- but I stuck with them and have tried to support them as much as I can.
It just seems like the situation is not getting any better or even that anyone is trying to improve things.
I’m not sure what more a fan can do? I guess take my business elsewhere…

Might be a dirt track summer as Ocala, NFS, All Tech, Needmore, and Albany are within the same range as Bronson for me.
5Flags and Opp are only a little farther so I can see pavement races there :ernaehrung004:

I really don’t understand the ‘early’ cancellation for weather. When I checked the forecast at about noon, it said heavy rains starting about 1am. Now it’s 2am 80%. Had not planned to go anyway due to the funeral of a close friend this afternoon. Just confused as you are about things. Last race it was a 70% rain chance at 6pm, and races not called till 11pm after a track drying and time trials for e mods only… SMH…
Sorry about your road trip Scott…

At least NSS will text and e mail a cancellation notice…

I drove there from Fort Myers for the original rain out date of January 1st.I didnt even bother to think about it last week after I found out Auburndale had cancelled.Now I see they have rescheduled for saturday the 30th.With no friday or sunday shows anywhere close to there it kind of makes my rainchecks useless.Simply not worth the distance of the run up there.I have been there twice now and added all together for both times I know damn well Im being generous if I say there were 150 people in the stands.Thats roughly 75 people each time.How do you even pay your power bill and pay your help on that?Eight modifieds took time on the first and 9 sportsman had hot lapped but they never qualified them before they pulled the plug.The first time I went about 3 years ago they were having a FUPS truck race on friday and saturday along with sportsmen and the street stock type divisions.They had 7 sportsman and only one pro truck showed up on friday so they didnt even race on friday.After that I didnt even hang around for saturday but it got washed out anyway.I really dont get their whole mindset at that place and mathmatically dont know how they keep the gates open and lights on.

Jan. 30 2016

Largest crowd I have seen there in a while, bigger than any during the 2015 season.

Strictly Stocks- I missed the race as they started at 7:00 instead of 7:30 like all of last season, my bad.

Pure Stocks- 11 cars, good racing. Turned out to be the best race of the night.

Modifieds- 3 cars running around the track for 25 laps

Sportsman- 7 cars started the 50 lapper and 5 finished.

got there at 7:30 and 90 minutes later we were pulling out the gate at 9:00pm- what a night
it is what it is… :ernaehrung004:

The season didn’t start tonight did it? Was this a memorial race? Seems like New Years was just a few weeks Ago

This was the make-up show for the rained out (twice) new years day race.
As for when the season begins, who knows… they haven’t posted a 2016 schedule yet

with Citrus closed and no other paved track within a 100 miles of Bronson they might try to make a little hay while the sun shines :teufel021: