New Smyrna Speedway Results 1/23

Orange Blossom Super Late Model 100

  1. #97 Cole Anderson
  2. #51 Stephen Nasse
  3. #17 Quinn Houff
  4. #5a Dalton Armstrong
  5. #21 Matt Tifft
  6. #9 Brad May
  7. #15 Christian Eckes
  8. #5K Daniel Keene Jr
  9. #9r Brandon Booth
  10. #11 David Rogers
  11. #51 Michael Atwell
  12. #36 Tim Russell
  13. #14 Chris Davidson
  14. #5p Brennan Poole
  15. #19 Riley Herps
  16. #20 Anthony Sergi
  17. #10 Matt Montineri
  18. #40 Tanner Gray
  19. #24 Shane Nichols


  1. #66 Jerry Symons
  2. #1 Wayne Parker
  3. #44B Matthew Green
  4. #96 Matthew Wheeler
  5. #4B Alan Bruns
  6. #3 Gregory Bruce Jr
  7. #111 Earl Beckner

Super Stocks

  1. #XL Jeff Cuddy
  2. #6 Preston Hunt
  3. #63 Dale Howard
  4. #23 Charles King
  5. #99 Paul Koci
  6. #56 Bobby Holley
  7. #3 Jeff Cuddy


  1. #3x Shane Sutorus
  2. #63 Zack Curtis
  3. #03 Aaron Overman

Thanks Kim

Thanks Kim, Great job getting the results out quickly.:ernaehrung004:

Thought the 6 super stock would be atleast setting a year for all the stuff that went on the last race

Jeff Cuddy must be pretty good… he finished both first, and last…!

Sorry frozen fingers 7th was Jeff Colburn


Eric you made a funny. Nothing was and never will happen to certain people. You can tell the main sponsor of the track and the whole staff FU to their faces, start fights and slash people’s tires on their trailer and get away with no punishment. Exact reason why I’m not racing their or bringing my 3 cars there until something changes.

Remember, four (4) racetracks left.

New Smyrna is a rock, and generally resolute in their decisions. Sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes the bug, but New Smyrna will remain New Smyrna.

Hoping one of the remaining three is suitable and you are having a good time there.

HAHA, do you know the definition of a true competitor? 1st and 3rd place!!

:smiley: LoL, OldSchool I think you meant 5; NSS, A-Dale, Sunshine, Desoto, and Bronson Motor Speedway!

not to mention 5 Flags is a Florida track and I am still hopeful that Citrus County gets new management and has a successful 2016 :ernaehrung004:

Scott, Correct and correct.

Five, hopefully six. Bithlo would make seven and that would be even better.

But four right now in central-ish Florida.

I hope you change your mind, I enjoyed watching you race at NSS last year. I know a lot of BS went down at the end of last year but I hope you can put it behind you and come get some more wins!