Auburndale Triple 50s?

Who knows what happened?

Was too cold for me, did not want to take a chance on getting sick with the flu before the 24 Hours of Daytona…

Hope it was good racing and the crowd enjoyed the announcin’, though.

Dutilly show. Won all 3 segments.

[QUOTE=OldSchool+;167717]Who knows what happened?

Was too cold for me, did not want to take a chance on getting sick with the flu before the 24 Hours of Daytona…

Hope it was good racing and the crowd enjoyed the announcin’, though.[/QUOTE]

Actually, it turned out to be a great afternoon (sitting in the sun ) had a heavy coat in the truck but never needed it… the three segment deal was super…and they worked on the cars during the break right there on the front straight… I would hope this series uses the same format for all the races… didn’t have enough cars for that special “Extra 10,000” Rick Bristol had his act together and told everyone why it was not being offered… the other announcer didn’t get it right until half way thru the third segment…he kept talking about the extra money… someone must have finally told him it wasn’t gonna happen…OSF


Very low car count for first race of series points. 13 cars.

Starting season to early, no re group time for local teams.

They could have started duttilly two laps down in each segment and he would have won. He was class of the field.

Weather was perfect.

Just my two cents…Vince

I’m speculating that more teams would have been prepared for tho original date. Rain dates rarely get the support that the original did, unless they have a posted, next day policy.
In this case, they couldn’t… and had to face the competition of NSS the night before.
Granted it wasn’t a head to head deal, but I’m guessing there were some teams considering both, but now had to choose.

Sorry guys

The wireless system stopped working when I was on track, I was going to introduce the field, then cover the stops etc. but it was not working. I guess they later got it to work, but I had already went to the back, then left a bit later. Rex told me they woudl have the new system installed this week, and all checked out and working. Unfortunately I can not be there this weekas I will be at a wedding, but will be at the next scheduled event. I was looking forward to announcing, so it kind of stunk ha ha but it is what it is. Next time !

Hey Rick… remember the old PA at OSW? When it overheated, we were done for the night… we used to go sit in turn one and watch the rest of the races… fun times LOL…

By the way, I know this is ASKING ALOT - but are there any actual RESULTS from Sunday?

yes Dave fun times

That was annoying yet funny ha ha. Not my deal, he results are Carol she should have them up today.

13 Supers started 16 were there the weekend but 3 broke.
14 or 15 Bombers

It was just too cool and windy to get an early start all the way from Fort Myers for a 2 pm start.Well if nothing else all of us that have cried for sunday racing got it but I guess we should have noted that we would like it to be warmer than Great Lakes region weather.

Actually, there was no wind by 2 p.m. and it felt like about 75 degrees in the sun…not sure what the temp was, but sure felt about 75… As you looked toward turn 2, the sun was bright and in your eyes…low car count…great 3 segment idea, they should do this for all the races between Aub and Desoto… I’m sure that would be a total hit with everyone… OSF

Back in the day I guess I must of been one of the dumbest racing fans ever. This would be in the late 60’s, young and foolish and before you knew what the weather was like anywhere in the country. Saturday night racing at the local track was 15 minutes away and you had a ideal what the weather was like. Sunday afternoon, yes, racing on Sunday afternoon and the same drivers that we would watch Saturday night, that track was about 45 minutes away. It could be raining at the house but I never called to see what was happening at that track, the girlfriend (now the wife) would drive there and hope it was sunny. How things have changed with tracks, drivers and fans.


Was right there with you.

Now, I pick my battles–but am thankful to be there as often as I am.

I’ve read about the 60’s. The struggle was real.

Stupid dept revisited

Oh yeah, but I eventually figured out it was mostly me I was battling…

Re: Darren–Stupid Dept. I might have you beat.

I just remembered an old story, early 70’s. I had a nice '67 Corvette coupe, probably a $80K+ car today.

Those old calipers were iron with aluminum pistons and they were constantly corroding and leaking.

A friend filled up my master cylinder and off we went to Auburndale. He filled it with power steering fluid by accident.

The brakes went from mushy to dangerous on the way there, and none whatsoever when we got out of the races and I figured out what happened.

No brakes, and no emergency brake.

So…I drove it home, approximately 55 miles. Mostly highway driving, but if I had to stop, it was gear down and eventually shut it off in neutral and then let the clutch out.

I made it without incident.

While I am thinking about it, thank you for that one, Lord.

Here is a suggestion for the next race held in 3 segments. Make it like “Survivor” and vote someone off the island for the third race. It could be the guy who raises the most hell in the first two segments, Jeff Scofield, for example, or maybe Jonathan Guy. Whoever deserves the boot is outta there in segment 3.

Well… a coupla things…

What if they “vote off” the Fast guy “just because”?

But more importantly those types of decisions are in the court of the officials that are officiatin’, and they like the ball right there.

Gotta admit…I wasn’t 100% serious on that one. Although I think it WOULD work at a Crash A Rama type thing. Get the crowd involved in busting the chops of the villain.

I am glad Auburndale put it out there and tried something different to entertain its fans, while still staging a legit race.

Now, I can possibly see Yoho cranking up the crowd for their opinion following an “incident”, and then after determining what the verdict is, doing the opposite!

Sort of like pro wrestling?

Yep that’s par for the course drive all the way to Bronson for a rainout on new years skip a closer race at auburndale scared of the weather.maybe I will play Russian roulette with the weatherman and head up to cordele Georgia for the car race Sunday.