This Would Not Be Politically Correct Today...

Photo actually taken around 1954 in Orlando, FL - My old High School buddy Paul Brown found it… Don’t think you could get away with this in 2016!

Perfectly fine with me, though…

Here is a story. Once upon a time (every time I guess at a date I am off a decade or two) at Speedworld, a piston ring manufacturer provided the trophy girl.

That’s right, race fans, Miss Total Seal.

Miss Total Seal looked neither green nor young.

As they worked their way up from the back of the field during pre-race ceremonies, each driver got a kiss.

“Rough night to be on the pole” --I thought (25 or so schmooches later…).

However, the pole sitter was Gary Balough, and he did not seem to mind and laid about a 30 second, knock down drag out kiss on the girl, as the crowd cheered.

Yes, they were the good old days!

It sure wouldn’t be. Nowadays it would have to be called queen luberack.

What do you think the guys were looking at when they lowered the hood on the poor Olds?