World Series Coverage.

Hands down the best internet racing coverage yet!!!

Without a doubt…love it…great coverage…no commercials…can’t beat it…OSF

With kids/wife and work schedule this week has been tough to sneak out there, HOWEVER - i feel like I haven’t missed a thing with that coverage. I have been able to tune in on my phone from volleyball practice etc.

I hope they are getting a kickback from NASCAR or something. Because as compared to spending $40, i can assure you people are tuning in for free. I know that between Speedweeks/Gov Cup and Track rentals that is how they keep the lights on, so i hope it is working for them.

Speaking of hoping, i hope they can secure a tour mod race in the future that would pay big $$ and draw more teams. I would take it over the K&N race any day.

Watched last night for the first time…awesome.

I pulled it up

on my smart phone but cant seem to play a video ? What am i doing wrong ? Is it only live feeds ?


Make sure you have all other apps closed on your phone. Mine was acting up also and I did that and works awesome afterwards.

I stumbled across the coverage on Tuesday night. I watched the Fla Modified race the coverage was spectacular.


Long time coming for our local boys to get some recognition. And the coverage was awesome.