USAC sprints at BRP!! Go see 'em!

I loved the wingless sprint show last night at Bubba Raceway! After all these years, I’ve finally seen this type of racing in person, and I will be back.

Usually in a race, I watch whoever is battling it out, or what the leaders are doing. But last night I found myself just watching them slide all the way down the backstraight and through turn 4. Amazing! I wish I was a younger man in Indiana…I know what I would be doing.

Why don’t Florida tracks run wingless sprints on dirt? I really prefer winged cars on pavement, but wingless on dirt was a thing off beauty.

Also on the program were Modified Lites, a forward looking class of the future. I liked 'em! I expect more emphasis on classes like that, and less on antique Monte Carlos.

Tell us a little about the mods. 4cyl?

USAC sprints are absolutely the best racing there is. The Top Gun series tried running some wingless races a few years ago, but the drivers wouldn’t support it. If I had money, I’d start a wingless series in Florida and pay much better than the winged cars. It might bring in those willing to drive.

Would love to see a wingless dirt series in florida. My daughter’s moving to a big Sprint this year after 3 years in a wingless mini Sprint. She likes the way the car feels without the wing much better than with it.

Tell us a little about the mods. 4cyl?

Modified Lite racing at RPM Speedway:

Those cars are scaled down North East Dirt Modified with a motorcycle engine, driveshaft, and quick change. Light and very fast. Very nice class, very entertaining, not so cheap to buy, but cheap to run.

I took Rex’s advice and caught the final night at Bubba’s. The sprint cars were awesome and the little mods put on a good race too.
Hat’s off on starting the show on time!

I wish there would have been at least one other class running. Show was finished by 9:40 pm. Felt kinda ripped off that I didn’t have to stay til two or three in the morning! :slight_smile:

I didn’t feel ripped off. Was there both Thursday and Saturday nights and Saturdays was was as memorable a race as I have ever seen.

Someone needs to start a non wing deal with cheap 602’s (highly regulated), sorta like a street stock motor. No wing, hard right rear.
actuallt that video and article is old and their web presence is mostly on FB but here it is for those here under 75 anyway


It was kinda cool to watch most of them smoking their right rear tires near the end of the race. It cost a few of them a victory!

Great racing 3 nights running!