Fans filming races with their cellphones and blocking my view

I just have to ask my fellow race fans if anyone else has experienced this, because it’s happened to me two races in a row now (I went to the Red Eye and the final night of the World Series @NSS)

At the Red Eye the guy sitting next to me was filming all of the races with his cellphone. In doing so, his armpits were in my face and he was completely blocking my view. I kindly told him he was blocking my view and to please stop and yet he continued. It was kind of childish but I had a spare jacket in my hand which I used to block his camera until he finally moved to another seat.

At the World Series the guy sitting next to me filmed the first 2 laps with his cellphone of the Modified and PLM race. Kind of annoying but no problem I can understand. The SLM he starts filming the whole race…armpits in my face and blocking my view. All of my friends are laughing at me by this point that this continues to happen to me. I asked him to stop and thank goodness he did.

Has this happened to anyone else? I find it inconsiderate to those sitting around you and you can’t possibly get a better video then what is available on Fanschoice lol

How else are they going to show those young and upcoming drivers their skills or later on how they have improved? lol

LOL well played Darren, I think the HD broadcasts from Fanschoice might be a little bit better than a fans low resolution cellphone video from the grandstands

Yes, it adds a whole new context to the term: “Pit Cam”…:rolleyes: