Looking for kids driving suits.

[SIZE=“4”]Looking for kids driving suits. Have three kids looking to get into racing. Two 10 & one 12 year olds. Call me if you know someone that out grew or stopped racing at 813-817-RACE (7223). The future is looking BRIGHT. 59 days left of Teaching then I am retired!!! 33 years of helping the future…[/SIZE]:ernaehrung004:


Congrats on both your career and your upcoming retirement.

I have never seen a kid driving a suit, can’t help you.

Here’s for one manufacturer:


[QUOTE=andre;168799]Here’s for one manufacturer:


Thanks for posting the link Andre. That is my wife’s company!

I will check and see if I can find my son’s. He wore it 5 races at the end of a season like 7 years ago and by the time the next season started it was to small. It’s red and size M I think.

Thanks everyone!!! I should of said…

[SIZE=“4”]Thanks everyone!!! I should of said that they were looking for used suits (know how fast they grow at this age). I will give the links, and if you call me or text me your number I will forward it to them. Again THANKS everyone who responded. Just helping people get started in our SPORT!!![/SIZE]:ernaehrung004: