Charlotte County

I haven’t seen a mention of Charlotte County Speedway lately. Is the whole place “history” or are there still plans afoot for it to be leased to yet another promoter? I would think (but hope not) that the Airport would have tired of the revolving door and found another venue for the whole property. I’m not local so don’t see or hear news in the area but have enjoyed many years there as a spectator.

Too many short tracks are falling by the wayside and I hate to see CCS join them.


look’s as if all interest has left this board. lots of racers live in that area. I have posted a couple times with no interest to update.


what do you know ? Last i heard they were entertaining bids


not-ah. darn thing ,same as you on bids

heard a bid was accepted and the track will be reopened, don’t know anything else yet

Sure you’re not think king of the “other” CCS?
CITRUS County Speedway has been leased and is reopening.
If you just use the initials, I can see where the stories could get overlapped.

charlotte county speedway

has been ccs ever since Leroy Davidson built it himself. 1990 he killed street stock before it even got started because bitching started before they ran a race. later citrus started using it. good day.

3 different ppl have told me the bid was accepted for Charlotte County Speedway in Punta Gorda even thou it wasn’t what the CCAA wanted, they are currently working on the details, hope this is true since its pretty much our home track

It is my understanding that included in the paperwork bidders received, was wording that the fence around the actual race track might not be standing. There is a problem the group that put the fence up were never paid for the material or labor to put the fence up. Did the Airport Authority settle the dispute? OR is that a part of a new lease that the new people have to pay for it. It is the best fence I’ve seen around a track,