From Bob Culbertson

Well folks it is with a heavy heart that I must announce my retirement from Desoto Speedway! I have lump in my throat the size of a tennis ball But I must do it! I want to thank each and every one of you that has bought even one video from me in the last 33 years! I am no longer able to do the video there because I am not able to pay my bills doing it! I have to concentrate my efforts doing something that will pay the bills. Also with the advent of the Go pro and Video camera’s in peoples phones and folks shooting racing and putting it on You tube, I can see no other way. I can’t seem to get sponsors for Turn Five and my sales has not been enough to pay our bills for some time and it is not fair to my wife to have her do without so I can do what I love. I love my video, I love Desoto Speedway and I love racing and all that Ithe people I have known thru racing racing the last 60+ years. I will maybe see some of you when I can afford to buy a ticket to get in. Please if you have any video work such as Transfers or what ever give me a call! I will still try to make a living at video but I just have to focus my efforts where I can make a living. Don’t hesitate to call me or contact me on FB if I can do anything for ya’ll as in pray or what ever. Just because I am Leaving Desoto doesn’t mean I don’t love you all, My prayer closet is still open! God Bless!

Thank you Bob for your work. I really enjoy the old videos you post on You Tube. I was in the stands as a kid at Desoto for many of those races you have posted.
Good luck in your future endeavors.

WOW!!! Really going to miss you. First met you in 1993, been a few years ole’ buddy. You have provided so many great memories for all of us. Please keep in touch and may God continue to bless you.

Best of luck in your future endeavors ! I’ve always enjoyed your video work. You can always keep your passion as a hobby.

Just stay

Bob, just stay at Desoto, we need u there. Up your prices, and get a part time job during the week. The track won’t be the same with out u there.

AJ I don’t have time to do much of any thing when I do the track. It seems like ther is always something to do. A lot of it ois my doing. No one ever ask me to start doing the promo every week and no one ask me to do Turn Five! I did them because I love racing and Desoto Speedway! I will still support them as I can and I will still share old video’s. The reality is that I not only don’t make enough to pay my bills, I don’t make enough to maintain my equipment. I own 4 3CCD camera’s and 3 of the 4 have problems and I don’t have the funds to fix them! I am sorry if I sound like PO PO me, I don’t mean to I am blessed I just have to do something I can make a little and put some away for a rainy day! I appreciate every one caring but I will be alright as soon as I get thru the emotions of turning loose! I already have enough work to keep me busy fer a few weeks!

Sorry to hear that Bob. I know exactly where you are coming from. I don’t think most people realize how much the equipment costs to buy and maintain, or the time involved. Trying to compete with the people who video or photograph using their cell phones is impossible. It’s impossible to compete with those who give their product away. Best of luck to you.

Thanks guys! I am trying to stay in the video business. I will be doing transfers IE: VHS to DVD, slides to CD Etc! We’ll see how that goes!