NSS Facebook Page

So, it says that their FB page was hacked and directs you to a new one. First, you cant really hack a FB page - you just might lose control of the PWD and someone could log in as you. So, in theory, why should we believe that the new page is official especially since it is giving away a $5 coupon for Saturday night. Theory could be that someone is trying to give out bogus coupons and force NSS to honor them or piss off fans…

So, can someone we know and trust let us know that this switch is :official: ?

Yeah there other page doesn’t come up under my liked pages anymore. I know Saturday and Sunday there page wouldn’t load up . So there is a possibility that the other is bs.

New page is 100% real. The old one was hacked and I guess they couldn’t get back into it or something like that. 5$ off coupon is valid!

Don’t know if you know or trust me (lol), but it is official. The “hacked” part is what we were told by the folks at facebook but who knows. I just know it’s a pain in the butt.

If kim says its legit, thats good enough for me…case closed.