NSS cancelled AGAIN 4/16

Man, I have planned for two months now to get Big Red out to run with the Bombers. NSS and OSW ran last week but I was out of town…:huh:

Can we run some races in the winter please???

I know, I have been pressing for this for years.

We live in the tropics. I have shown graphs/data etc showing the reasons to race some in the winter. Sure its “cold”, like possibly 45 degrees. So what.

How about having a dirt track and race in the rain…mud…etc?



fans in stands + wind chill factor. southern fans have thinner blood due to summer heat, Christmas = lighter wallet. colder than 45 on race night

LOL…Back to the old stands vs. pits dilemma.

Someone rent the track in the winter and see how many fans come out.

The current powers that be agree with you. I do not.


why don’t you and those who want to race save your money till winter and rent Orlando Speedway in January and get you some of it. you now can race in winter. get rich .Ha

Y’all got 10 months of the year to go racin’, if not more.

Up here, our season is just getting underway. The first three weeks of “practice” had been cancelled because it was “too cold”, then a week of rain, and another week of “too cold to race”. We get mid-April through early September if we’re lucky. So we only get like less than half the year (about 5 months) for “regular” weekly shows.

I don’t wanna hear no gripin’ about rainouts in Florida. Hate the rain? Move. That simple.

Well, Im not a racetrack owner or promotor so I don’t rent tracks or determine when they race.

Hate rain? Hardly. That is not the point. I love the rain and the climate. Thats why I don’t live, wouldn’t live north of Georgia. The point is, circle tracks don’t run in the rain like road courses.

I don’t think it would ever get “too cold” to race here though. Maybe some jackets and gloves. Heck, it would probably rain too, who knows.

Bithlo & New Smyrna ran year round for a number of years.

Light pits, lighter stands, and the “colder” it got the lighter the gates became.

I believe a big show or two works in the colder months.

All the dirt tracks ran,just sayin :auto003::auto003::auto003::auto003:

NSS ran a Winter series in 97. I think it went from Thanksgiving until a week or two before Speedweeks. Of course with a week or two off for Christmas. I think it turned out to be like maybe 10 nights. They kept points and gave trophies to the top five and a night’s pit pass during speedweeks, no point money. With it being a short series it turned out to be alot of fun and we drew 12 to 15 limited lates every night. I can’t really remember but it seemed like there was always a decent crowd. I don’t really think the cold has anything to do with it. Things have just changed alot, look at the car counts and stands when it is nice out, makes trying to put on a show when it is colder tough.

Funny that the stands were completely full for the Thompson Icebreaker and the high on that day was 40 degrees.

Florida tracks start their regular season when the rainy season comes,along with blistering heat.Then everyone spends the next 6 months complaining about low car counts and lack of fans in the stands…Makes sense to me.


As some who raced at Thompson, I will say this. I have sat at both the world series as well as the Icebreaker there in 35 degrees. I will not do that down here if it’s 50 degrees. You have northern people better adapted to the cold and dying to escape cabin fever. There is no comparison.