BG Products Southern Sprintcars by Trufuel results 4/16

Showtime Speedway
BG Products Southern Sprint Cars by TRUFUEL


Pos Car # Driver
1 33 Dave Steele
2 88 Sport Allen
3 2 Clayton Donaldson ( R )
4 99 Matthew Hall
5 67 Scotty Adema
6 55 Tommy Nichols
7 85 Rex Hollinger
8 15 Shane Butler
9 22x Carlie Yent (R)
10 18 Troy Thompson
11 44 Gary Wiggins ( R )
12 22 Johnny Gilbertson
13 16 Dude Teate
14 59 John Inman
15 4 Travis Bliemeister (DNS)

Time Trials: 1) 33 Steele 11.973 2) 88 Allen 12.151 3) 15 Butler 12.282 4) 22 Gilbertson 12.472 5) 99 Hall 12.661

Looks like Dave Steele is the Golden State Warriors of Florida Sprint Car racing LOL… Why time trials?.. I, as a fan, would prefer the heats like TBARA used to do… Their system of setting the feature race line-up was second to none…

Very disappointed that Boneman did not qualify in the top five despite using nitrous oxide and special “gumball” tires imported from The Isles of Langerhan…

Actually, The Boneman is a man of honor.

It is my understanding that what makes him so quick is the (legal) application of Shea Butter to his wing. :cool008:

“Shae Butter”? I read that without my glasses and thought you said Shane Butler!

Dave, actually I had to lay off the nitrous. It about spun me out every time I zapped it.

Some folks actually plumb it into the engine…

Next Saturday’s Southern Sprintcar Shootout series race, a non-wing race, at Showtime Speedway, is the one that I will say carries the greatest importance, as it’s a sort of “Little 500 Preview.”

You’ll remember in last year’s race, it was looking like there was a very good possibility of having Floridians finish one-two. Mickey Kempgens had a long stint in the lead late in the race, and Dave Steele had his usual carve through the field to almost win it. Don’t be surprised if the winner of next Saturday night’s race is also the winner of the Little 500 next month, maybe even Mickey or Dave.

The northerners have their “Little 500 Preview” race today at Anderson Speedway, the 100-lap Glen Niebel Classic. We’ll know a lot more about the favorites for the 2016 Little 500 after these 2 races are over.