Desoto 4-23-16

Gates Open 1:30

Super Late Practice Only 3:00 To 3:30 Must Go Through Tech

Practice By Division 3:30 To 5:00

Super Late Models To Tech 4:30 To 5:15

Drivers Meeting 5:30

Qualifying Supers 6:00

Qualifying Sportsman 6:30

Parade Lap/invocation 6:45

Features Only 7:00

Pure Stock 25laps/25min

Street Stock 25laps/25min

Intermission/autograph Sessions Super Lates

Super Late 115

Dass #2 50laps

Bombers 25laps/25min

Subject To Change

Whats up with the time limits? Not a fan of time limits in racing!

Hey Ryan…sure looks like you don’t get an answer…OSF

That is how NASCAR runs their shows.

Time limits for the ones that cant behave and fans don’t need to be there all night waiting on a jackass to get back in the pen.

Well said lol!

well I drive 3 hours each way to see the race, and they put a time limit on each race,
maybe I’ll stay home and read about it instead,
maybe others live nearby but some of us don’t
oh well

It appears that there are no limits on the Main Events that the fans came to see–Super Late Models or Sportsman Features.

Jeez, chill out. We’ve run every race to its advertised distance all year and haven’t needed to invoke the time limit. Sometimes you guys read into this stuff too much.

Best response ever!

Well one thing that’s different here in Florida that bogs the shows down is if someone goes to the pits with a flat etc.they give way too much time under yellow to give him a chance to get back on track. Man I wish they would have done that for us back when I was racing up home. I had never heard of such a thing as time limits and curfews before I came to florida which made me wonder at first if I was at a race or a wwe event. But as one guy told me one night this is the land of old people you can’t keep them awake all night with the noise or make them late for their warm milk and cookies lol.

I’d move back up there where everyone is smarter.