Renegade Fuels at Citrus County Speedway

Palmdale Oil Company is very proud to announce that they will be providing the official racing fuel, Renegade Racing Fuels, at Citrus County Speedway.
For the racers, it means you’re going to get the highest quality racing fuel in the industry. And Citrus County Speedway plans to keep the price of Renegade Racing Fuels low to allow the racers to afford to keep racing.
Renegade Racing Fuels will also be the class sponsor of the Open Wheel Modifieds.
With the incredible outlay of planning, effort, and money that Camron Ray has invested in the track, Citrus County Speedway is going to be one of the top race tracks in the southeast. And we’re very glad we can be a part of it.

Congrats to Renegade for being named the fuel provider for Citrus, and simultaneous thanks for the Modified Sponsorship.

We’re looking forward to long relationship with the NEW Citrus County Speedway. It’s important to us that we were chosen because of the quality of Renegade Racing Fuels.
Citrus County is going to be the place to race in Florida.


I may have missed it somewhere. Any idea what track tire for us OWM cars?
Thank you Renegade Race Fuels for the sponsorship too…

“Citrus County Speedway–The Place to Race!”

Not bad, RRF…

Back in the day the racers I knew used to refer to the place simply as “Inverness”. Is the general consensus that there is a lot of equity (name recognition) in “Citrus County” Speedway?