Questions for all local racers and car owners ?

  1. Does the different tires and rules keep you from racing other tracks ?

  2. What kind of differences are in your class from track to track ?

  3. Would you race more than one or two tracks if the rules and tires were the same in the entire state ?

I think 1 and 2 are good questions would like the question 3 if it read if tracks raced on different nights would you race more.

racing other tracks

i own an open wheel modified and a sportsman and yes i would. i have just spent about $5000.00 on a new engine that i built and multiple other things on my sportsman just so i can run more than one track. i know there are lots of people out there that cant afford to do that and thats not counting tires and i also had to buy 6 extra wheels for the different tires so i didnt have to change them all the time.

running a SLM our rules are the same except for tires, we are currently running races at Desoto & Auburndale as they are on the same tire, we plan to run a race at Showtime and can’t wait when Citrus opens back up, would prefer a local track to run at and go to others for special races as the money is better despite what tire they run on