Pro Trucks at CRISP Motorsports Park June 11th

Pro Trucks at CRISP Motorsports Park, Cordele, GA - Saturday June 11th, 2016. $50 Pro Truck entry fee - $1,000 to win! For more information, please call Southern Pro Am Truck Series/Mr. Owens 727-619-3125.


What’s the payout through the field? You never seem to post that. It’s a 300 mile drive from Lakeland, and not everyone can win. It’s $1,000 locally without that drive.

Please contact Mr. Owens at 727-619-3125. He will answer questions regarding payouts.

What’s the secrecy? Feels like CIA shenanigans just to get a payout?

They never post a payout. Where supposed to race for fun lol. Good luck. Simple question.