Bubba Raceway

I made my first and last visit ever to BRP Saturday night and-- -WOW was I overwhelmed by how unimpressed I was. Twelve late models as the headliner,nine hobby stocks,seven tq late models and six strictly stocks. I drove by East Bay, Showtime,and Auburndale to get there and they didn’t even have 40 cars in the pits across 4 divisions.Thankfully I am a senior or that night of spectacular entertainment would have cost me twenty bucks.An overly long intermission,double heat races for the hobby stocks and music blaring through the very effective pa system constantly (even while they were interviewing someone) and still left the place by 1030 Saturday night.Well at least I made it back to the Ft.Myers area before 4am.Never again Bubba

Hate to see that you picked an obviously horrible night for a first visit.
I’ve been there MANY times over the course of the changes aking the way… owners, promoters, dirt, asphalt, Fridays, Saturdays… and believe me, I’ve seen some stink-o shows from time to time.
But, I’ve also seen many incredible shows there also.
Don’t completely give up on the place because an obvious “F- grade” they earned that night… I’ve seen a bunch of “A-pluses” as well.

Never is a long time. I’ve been to many good shows there: the wingless sprints were outstanding, winged cars are very good too. Overall, BRP has been a pretty dependable stop for me; sorry they blew it on the night you went.

Well to be honest and realistic ocala is a long way from home base and for me to get that far away is rare. Even if the show would have been fantastic it would be hard for me to get back soon. Next up on my radar is all tech or north Florida since I haven’t been to either of those places yet. Hopefully I can finally make it to the snowball derby this year and volusia in February and then I will finish off my list.