Vintage Montes $10,000 to win


Because of rain Friday 57 cars qualified on Saturday for tonight’s rescheduled race.


The antiques put on a good race. The driving was pretty clean and everyone was pretty well matched. Add this to a bunch of cautions and you have the fact that no one got lapped under green until lap 90.

It looked like a lot of fun to race in, that is for sure. I heard of some issues in tech, both before and after the race. It is an area where tracks can never let up. If the enforcement is black or white, then the skill level has to be top notch too.

Overall, I really liked the Sunday afternoon show. I found a shady spot in the stands, and with the help of a frosty malted beverage, it was a fine way to pass an afternoon!

One area to address: I wish the track would impose a penalty of some sort to the many drivers who intentionally draw yellows. You know the situation: the last place guy gets a flat and stops on the track. They are taking advantage of the rules as written, but because it hurts the show, the rules need to change.

Is the hearse out back under a tree?

Just sayin’, food for thought…

(probably has no problem getting weight on the right rear)