Charlotte County Speedway

Good news from the Airport meeting. We unanimously approved Joe Gentry as the sole bidder on the Racetrack and sent the lease to staff & the attorney to finalize negotiations with Joe.
It will come back on our June agenda for approval. There was a proposed addendum from Joe that we will consider in those negotiations. But this is terrific news – A unanimous decision to go forward and finalize the agreement.
The smiling friendly faces and positive comments had the intended good impact. Thank you to all who attended and to those who were there in spirit!

It looks like the old girl will get another chance. Hopefully the racers don’t have a bad taste in their mouth from the past two owners of the speedway.


thanks for the info. dave41

Great NEWS!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Great NEWS!!! Joe has loved the Sport for a very long time. Good luck can’t wait to see the old girl get her new dress and get ready for the DANCE!!! The Old Frats Traveling Fan Club can’t wait to hear her opening date.[/SIZE]

Wow, Citrus Co. is back from the dead, and now Charlotte Co. is showing signs of life too! It is amazing to me that some people love this sport enough to take on such a thankless and difficult project. I am very grateful for all track operators!

Now if only they could change the initials so that we don’t have two tracks that go by “CCS”…

“Old Frats at Three Plams” is out for sure…