Another Mid-week show that worked...

Seekonk Speedway is hosting the Tour type Mods on a Wednesday night… prior to a Holiday weekend… a formula that the promotional geniuses in Florida say “won’t work”

59 Modifieds showed up… an outstanding field.

Granted, New Smyrna is running a very rare Thursday show, and Volusia running Sunday, but both are basically designed around Daytona.

Why not try a few mid-week shows SOMEWHERE when it isn’t a NASCAR weekend.

It’s worked in the past, it still works in many other places… but Florida doesn’t even have the balls to TRY.

And another concept untried here in Florida how about a fan appreciation night on a Wednesday or Thursday night. You don’t have to feature the high payout divisions just have some divisions where the car count can’t be counted on one hand. Sandusky speedway in Ohio does this the Thursday before their annual hymiler super modified race each July. One dollar front gate admission and one dollar hot dogs and soft drinks and the place is packed. I mean truly can’t hardly find a place to park your butt in the stands packed. And you could charge a little more than that for admission for one of those deals but they just have a goal of breaking even and pulling ahead from souvenir sales and extra concession sales from the increased crowd,as well as the carry over effect for the hymiler. And from what I’ve seen it works because they continue to do it on a yearly basis.

I gotta throw in the disclaimer here… made a typo when I posted 59, when it was actually 39. Didn’t catch my mistake earlier.

Get this… the World of Outlaws ran a Wednesday show at, of all places, Rockford, IL Speedway… An asphalt track for the WoO? No, they put dirt on it similar to the Bristol deal a few years back… 26 cars showed up and Donny Schatz was the winner…
Parker Price-Miller set the qualifying quick time with a lap of 11.806 seconds which established a new track record since it’s the first time since the track opened in 1948 that it was dirt… In comparison, fast time on June 11th for the ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Models (on the hard stuff) was 12.976 seconds by Paul Schafer, Jr.

I saw something about a WoO at “Rockford”, and the only track I’d ever known by that name is the asphalt track near Chicago.

Pretty cool to know they threw down the dirt to try something outside the box.

I’ve been to Rockford many times years ago. It reminds me of Bronson, only run correctly. Mid week shows do well in some areas. Our area does have quite a lot of other activities go on. I’ve been watching the IMCA races on PPV. Last Tuesday at Britt, Iowa, they had 44 Mods, and a total of 145 cars in the pitts. For the best deal for racing check it out on IMCATV.COM. Pay $20.00 per month and get at least 4 races. Some other races require additional money. No I don’t work for them. billy

HOLY CRAP…Billy Badd in the house.

Miss you bud, and hope all is good. Need to meet at a track again soon.

Hi F118, yeah everything’s fine. I just got tired of some of the bs on here, but I’ve been lurking around. I haven’t been to a race in a couple of years cause of my wife being hurt at work, and also the quality of racing seemed to drop. I’m glad to see some pickup in car counts lately. If I go to a race I’ll post it on here and maybe we could meet up again. I’d like to make a sprint race since I haven’t seen boneman run his yet. Take care. billy


Don’t let the “sidebar” stuff get ya down.

There are naysayers and problems in all parts of life.

Here, if they win, racing loses.