A few good words about Devin McLeod

Devin had a hell of a good run at Desoto Saturday night in the Sunoco100 late model race and came home an impressive third against the strongest late model field of the year at the Bradenton track.While he wasn’t able to derail the Dutilly express (and for that matter few have this year) he drove a competitive clean race and didn’t rough anyone up to grab a podium finish. I have had the pleasure of talking to him a couple of times over the last few years and he seems to be a down to earth young guy with his head screwed on straight and in today’s age of prima donnas and crybabies is kind of unique. He has been fast and competitive in legends,modifieds and late models and I enjoy seeing him race whenever he shows up in whichever division and wish him continued success.

All that and he has got “it”!

That head-for-the-hole-before-it-opens sense that the truly gifted have.

I will miss him wheeling the modified, though.

Thank you.

I really appreciate that Zerofor, I’m fortunate to be able to do what I love for fun! I think we’re on the right path in the SLM, and although we didn’t have a 3rd place car on the short runs, the restarts helped me out…which is odd because I wasn’t able to shift on them because the car was jammed in fourth gear the whole race.

OldSchool…not so fast…I don’t think the modified is going anywhere just yet!

Great news!


I have raced with Devin on many occasions. He and His father are good people. The kid is clean and fast. Don’t get a big head Devin…lol

Devin is a member of a group of outstanding young oval track racers in Florida, and i think he’ll be a success in any race car he drives.

Devin McLeod

To those that don’t Devin personally you are missing out. I am honored to call him a friend. They don’t come any better than Devin and his dad Derick. Devin is a great role model and a heck of a wheel man. I took my retired Chief of Police to Desoto and he is in very bad health but has been a motor head his whole life. We sat him up in the hauler and for a few hours he was the happiest man on the planet. Devin, Derick and the entire team really took care of the man that’s like a dad to me. Chief is a former Marine and John Coffman came over and spent some time with him and that really topped off his night. He wasn’t able to stay long but he loved it. There are some great things in the future for Devin and I am proud to be part of it. Congrats again on a heck of a night Buddy.