Citrus County Speedway 8/13

Another great night of racing at Citrus County Speedway. The front stretch grandstands were packed again, as was the beer garden. The pit side stands were 80%full. The car count in all of the classes was not only good, but top quality. Unfortunately, the evening came to a premature halt due to a rain storm, just as the trucks were beginning their feature, and the Figure 8 cars were still to come in what was scheduled to be the final race of the night.
Thanks to everyone who came out, both fans and racers. Hope to see everyone there next race night.

Great night.

I’ll tell you what that was my first time back racing in like 12 yrs over there and the place is just outstanding. The rays have done a awesome job with the place. They have gotten a lot of the bugs worked out from opening night and the stands were packed again. Good job not giving up after the sky’s opened up heavy on the track. I think it was maybe a hr and they were back racing. That track dried so fast it was crazy. Thanks to the Rays and all the staff for a awesome job hopefully I can get my car up to par with there street stocks the next race.

One thing for sure about the Ray family, they aren’t afraid to work hard to get the show in. Thanks again for all the hard work and the great racing last night.

Justin–Congrats on being back on the track!

For your first visit to Citrus County Speedway in 12 years, you did a pretty good job. I hope you become a regular at CCS.

I also want to congratulate Cole Partelo on winning the Palmdale Oil Company/Renegade Racing Fuels $100 Pole Winner Award. The Southern Pro Am Trucks had a very strong turnout, and they all plan to be back.


I had a blast and really enjoyed being there. We got a few things to change to be able to really give those street stock guys a run for the money. Deff plan on coming back soon.