8th Annual Eddie Brann Memorial

We are pleased to announce that this years EBR Memorial will be held at Citrus County Speedway on October 15th 2016. With our practice night and BBQ on Friday night October 14th. We would like to thank the Ray family for stepping up and hosting this event this year. The race will be 75 laps with $3,000.00 to the winner and $600 to start. There is NO ENTRY fee for this race. We will also be selling laps for $25 to help raise money for the B MAIN drivers that do not make the show. The tire will be Hoosier Slicks or treaded and they must be purchased from Citrus County Speedway. Thanks for your time and support and we will keep everyone updated as we get closer.

That’s great news. The racers were hoping it would go to Citrus. I’m sure that Citrus County Speedway and the Ray family will make the EB Memorial an event to remember.
Thanks for keeping his memory alive Tony.

Can anyone share any additional information regarding the details that prompted the venue change…?

The racers prefer the track? Mo money? Less Yoho?

I’ll bet on 2 out of 3 ( won’t be surprised if 3 out of 3 )… OSF

I don’t think the money or Yoho were the problem. I would imagine it had more to do with the fact that the first few Eddie races were held at Citrus and now there’s a huge appeal to go back because it’s all new and shiny.

Old School The Drivers were asked where they wanted to go with the race this year. After speaking with the majority of them they choose Citrus. This race has always been about what they want to do and race to honor a good man that left us way to soon. It has grown every year and has become the premier Mod race in the state . Thanks to everyone that has supported us and we hope to see everyone come out and see a great show this year

All the LAPS have been SOLD! Thank you! If you have ordered a lap and have not yet paid please make the checks payable to Citrus County Speedway and you can mail them to me.
602 Duque Rd
Lutz, Fl 33549

We would like to thank Robbie Cooper with Bronson Lube for sponsoring our fast time award $250.00

We would also like to thank Donny Filson with Pinellas County Customs and Tammy Larson with Tri-County Pools for sponsoring our Hard Charger Award $250.00

“The Drivers were asked where they wanted to go with the race this year. After speaking with the majority of them they choose Citrus.”–OWM61

Thank you, sir.

They put on a good show last Saturday night. The Eddie Brann race should be great.

Half way Leader $250 CarportEmpire.com Thanks Fain Skinner

HardLuck $250 Q Auto & Injury Attorneys

We appreciate all of our sponsors!

Special Thanks to Herbie Cope for all his time and effort for the last 8 years from banners to signs to shirt designs and stickers along with everything else that he does.
Also like to thank Mario Comparetto Jr. (Mario Campi) and the Entire Royal Tees Family for donating the shirts for the last 8 years In honor of Eddie.

From the Bottom of All Our Hearts We Thank You!


Just wanted to let anyone know who hasn’t heard that ford lowers will not be allowed at Citrus.

We are less than one week away from the 8th Annual Eddie Brann. We would like to thank everyone again that has contributed to the cause. For the First time in the 8 years of running this event We are pleased to announce that the Late Models will also be in the house that night. Along with 2 other supporting classes. I know that there are alot of late model drivers out there, that knew and admired Eddie, this is your opportunity to come honor the big man! We would like to remind everyone that we have obtained the band STONEGREY for Friday nights festivities they will be playing live on the grandstand side starting around 10pm! See ya there!

Thank You T. C.

A big THANK YOU to T. C. for everything you do for Eddie’s Memorial (for the past eight years)… the Memorial would not have been as successful without your efforts… OSF


Agreed…Tony has done a lot for our class and honoring a good man.

Tony, thank you for all the work you put into this race every year. This one was as competitive as any i’ve been to. And a field of top class cars and drivers.