Three Palms is no more

Great news for the Florida racing community, Joe Gentry has finalized the lease on the old Three Palms in Punta Gorda. He’s got a LOT of work to do before putting race cars on the track, but he has some very good ideas for the future.

Any word on a new track name?

I always liked Bobby Diehl’s suggestion, “Three Plams”.

How about “Longshot Speedway”? Or maybe the “Zika Bowl”?

Kidding aside, I wish them the best possible outcomes, and look forward to towing down there ASAP.

"I always liked Bobby Diehl’s suggestion, ‘Three Plams’ "--Boneman

“Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are”–Larry the Cable Guy

The way it’s been since I’ve been in Florida you could call it Musical Chairs Speedway.

I had terrible phone reception at the time, but i believe it’s Southern Speedway.

Three Strikes Speedway…

I wouldn’t say Three Palms is no more. Three Palms never really “was”.

Southern speedway? Hope not.

Hmmmm…maybe they should sell the naming rights and put a bit of cash in their pocket to operate with…the name isn’t going to make the place successful anyway…

4-17 Southern Speedway & Events

was there anything whatsoever that the previous promoter/renter accomplished?

Was the fence issue settled? There is an open permit to demolish/take down the fence. The attys haven’t settled anything. IS the airport authority pulling a fast one on Joe Gentry, knowing the fence is coming down or has to be paid for by the new regime at the track???
Don;t believe everything you see or hear on TV, or the newspaper.

C’mon, now.

When I saw the title to this thread I thought they were leveling the joint and putting an airplane hanger there. And I will wager they have thought about that possibility.

But, like all of my own missteps, the water over the dam is done gone, all that matters is what’s ahead.

So am hoping some join me in wishing good luck and good profits to Joe Gentry and the Southern Speedway!


So am hoping some join me in wishing good luck and good profits to Joe Gentry and the Southern Speedway![/QUOTE]

Unfortunately it’s like the Don Henley song “dirty laundry”. Kick-em when their up, kick-em when they’re down…

Yes, what was “king” again :question:

I read the story on the wink news website. It said they were planning a opening day event for November. That seems a little ambitious to me since they just now finalized a lease,but I hope so it would be nice to have a Saturday night without the two hundred mile round trip every once in a while.

I hope it does well. Relocating to Port Charlotte in 2 weeks. That would be real close to the house :slight_smile: I could run home if the ol’ pure stock needed something! :sport009::auto003: