Bloomin Onions in a smart car

I just now got around to watching the rain delayed NASCAR race from Bristol and I couldn’t help but think if Outback Steakhouse would have given away a free blooming onion to everybody in the stands for Kevin Harvicks win Sunday they probably could have delivered them to the speedway in the backseat of a smart car. Wow those stands were empty. I realize it was held over from Saturday night and all that but it seems amazing that a place that at one time had a ten year waiting list for tickets for the Saturday night race looked so empty on Sunday.I just can’t believe that many people would fail to stick around from the night before. It looks to me like there is definitely trouble in paradise. I would like to see NASCAR’s attendance figures for Sunday.

Isn’t “Smart Car” an oxymoron?

RE: Bristol–I dunno, the stands were pretty packed at the beginning of the event. I can tell you that at both Daytona and Showtime I have seen a little rain close to empty the place (except for me, I either do or do not know any better…).

And there was a lot of prolonged rain at Bristol.

I am hoping they put the rosin down in the two lower lanes. I cannot believe they ruined that track (and impacted their revenue stream, for sure) and have not fixed it yet.

There’s usually a lot smaller crowd when the race is held the next day. Most fans head home after the race, so they book their motel room accordingly. That means no place to sleep on Saturday night if the race is held over to Sunday. Same goes for a race held over to Monday. Often, airline tickets are for after the race, not the following afternoon or night. And fans sometimes have family or work obligations to consider.
The crowds at all of the Nascar races have declining badly for years. The Bristol night race was the last of the races to experience smaller crowds, but it was going to happen sooner or later.

I was at Desoto Saturday night so I have no idea what the original crowd looked like Saturday night,and I really didn’t pay that much attention to what it looked like when the green flag first flew on Sunday afternoon. I really just started paying attention to the stands about the halfway point. It just amazed me to see it so empty.That place holds what 150,000 people? It literally looked like maybe there was maybe 20,000 tops (and I think I’m being generous) in the stands by the halfway point.

NASCAR still got the ticket revenue…plus it was raining Sunday also. I am sure that kept a lot more people away that may have stayed otherwise.


there used to be a 10-12 year waiting list for a seat to this venue, and through a broker, paid 3-4-5 times face value for a seat. it’s nice to see these crooked brokers go out of business.

Lookie there, Paw. Maw just done throwed the baby out with the bathwater…

what does that mean, os? for the love of god, please DO NOT reply again,and again, and again, and again, and again…

No guarantees. You should not encourage me.

But, to civilly answer your question…it means…that crappy racing is a very bad trade off to get rid of the scalpers.'t_throw_the_baby_out_with_the_bathwater

[QUOTE=OldSchool+;171337]No guarantees. You should not encourage me.

But, to civilly answer your question…it means…that crappy racing is a very bad trade off to get rid of the scalpers.'t_throw_the_baby_out_with_the_bathwater[/QUOTE]

If the corporate sponsors turn on a TV set to see stands that look like those it won’t be just ticket scalpers NASCAR will have gotten rid of.

Humpy Wheeler:“What’s Wrong With NASCAR Racing”



I agree with most of what Humpy said, particularly about NASCAR getting too big and too slick for it’s britches, as well as largely leaving it’s southern base behind. When the “fad” passed, here we are with semi-empty grandstands, and they are holding on to their “big time sports” dream.

BUT, what I feel he missed was track size. He mostly promoted Charlotte, and was very successful at it, so that is his point of reference. Dancing bears in exploding school buses and all that. And more power to him.

But way, way too many tracks became Charlotte-like, and simultaneously the rules “box” narrowed up until the cars began running like IROC cars.

And that–more than lack of rivalries and superstars–is the reason for the sometimes-poor racing of today.

They need more short tracks with one groove at the bottom. If the state of decline continues, eventually they will have to abandon the “palaces of speed” as they will no longer be profitable.

Frankly, I look forward to that day.

All my opinion, of course.