Steve Kinser/Bryan Clauson

Tuesday night after finishing 6th in the feature the King got out of his car and said that was his last race.While not the dominant force of years past he was still quit competitive in a young mans sport.I can only say thanks for the memory and enjoy the future.On another note the Indianapolis Star penned one of the most incredibly touching racing stories about Bryan Clauson.It is well worth the read.

Sooner or later, every driver has to make the decision to step away. Steve Kinser is one of the toughest and hardest working race car drivers in history, and his incredible list of wins and championships reflects that.
It’s sad to think i won’t see him in a sprint car again.

Do you know why Steve Kinser hung it up? He heard that I was switching to dirt!

Ok, kidding aside, he really has been a sprint car success story like no other. I am glad he is getting out while he is still in one piece.

As far as Brian Clauson, that is particularly painful because although he was a young man, he had the spirit of an old school, barnstorming fairgrounds racer. Our sport so badly needs more like Brian; he lived and breathed it, WFO, on the track and off.

Here are some photos I took of Steve…

  1. This was his first trip down to Florida as a “kid” in February 1978 and it included this asphalt car that he ran at Golden Gate in the 500-lap race…

  2. Steve at Volusia County Speedway in February 1979…

  3. This is my personal favorite of the ones I’ve taken of Steve… It was at East Bay in 1980 and he was really in a good mood after winning the feature the night before…

Steve Kinser - Feb_ 1978.jpg

Steve Kinser.JPG

Steve Kinser.jpg