New Smryna 8/27/16

Congratulations to Brad May and Bobby Sears for a big win in the Clyde Hart Memorial event.

He bested Rodgers, Russell, and Keene, among many others.

Similarly, congratulations to Patrick Thomas and Jim Harris on a Sportsman win.

The #111 Team has been trying to get back into victory lane and Patrick won in convincing fashion on this evening. Work, testing, work, thinking, work…sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t, but on this evening, it was good to see the #111 notch another win at NSS.

For complete results:

New Smyrna will definitely lose a bunch of ticket sales if they are only posting on Facebook. I don’t use that…

I won’t be attending events with friends and family and won’t keep track of the results if they aren’t posted here because I won’t know about them and don’t have time to seek them out. No big loss to me, like everyone says, there are plenty of other activities to do here in Central FL.

It is your prerogative to read facebook or not.

It is New Smyrna’s prerogative to post here or not.

It is easy enough to click on the link provided, although, again, your choice.

But here is what seems clear–to me:

a) There is more going on here that NSS posting on Karnac.

b) New Smyrna Speedway is a rock, and will be. Like the Grand Canyon, they will be there regardless of who is President, and racing with or without the support of every single person in the state.

For my $0.02, I choose to support racing, and to support New Smyrna Speedway.

I hope you reconsider.

NSS takes to much motor. citrus is where it’s happening I hear people are building there cars to race citrus that were planing to race NSS . I think they will be in trouble in the future. if someone is was to take osw and run it like citrus they would destroy NSS it’s a high bank short track that’s where the racers want to race a short track not half mile . FACT!!! Like it or not . Advertising on here will be the least of there worries .

Kim Brown has been fighting her health problems and is recovering now and is still out there running the show. I don’t know how because with the heat all she does a healthy person would have their fill. I am sure when she feels better she will resume her posts. The track is there and they are running weekly. Their results are on NSS website. I do not use Facebook either.
We have run at ALL Florida tracks when we could, The good ones and bad ones come and go.

I agree with all you guys, before joining KARNAC I always attended the Governor’s Cup and one night of Speedweek. I will continue to check the NSS website and go to those events.

Hearing about the weekly events and having the results posted here kept me interested and had me attending a few weekly shows and special events. Now that I’m not hearing about them here I won’t know about them and won’t go.

2016 New Smyrna Schedule:


I want to go watch 10 bombers or 6 mini stocks go around 1/2 mile track. (NOT)

Yea funny thing is they are not even bomber class . You couldn’t race them at any other track with bombers . they are strictly stock class race what ever car you want . all mixed matched no weight limit it a garbage class that has run off racers . And now I hear they are going to let the sportsman class run built motors with vortex heads . Well they couldn’t leave a good class alone who ever came up with that should be fired !!! The class will crash and burn now .

Just as an FYI SHorttrack1 before making statements regarding rules you should check and verify. If you would spend the time looking at the rules at EACH Florida track instead of misinforming everyone here, ( along with many others) you would find that the VORTEC heads are allowed at EACH track and have been in the 2016 rules all year. All I did was google each track and look it up. You might try it some time.

Read what I wrote did I say they weren’t aloud at any other tracks ? Did I !!! Either way this will ruin the sportsman class FACT!!! I READ everything what engine shop do you own or work for ? Because they are the only ones who would cash in !!! not the tracks or racers FACT !!!

And for your information I just looked at the sportsman rules for NSS it says no vortex heads FACT !!! Maybe your the one who needs to read before misinforming people .

[QUOTE=OldSchool+;171454]2016 New Smyrna Schedule:[/QUOTE]

I get it, I can check the schedule or check Facebook - but I don’t.

Reading about the results/stories etc. get me hyped up to attend additional events. I usually check Karnac, S51, and RacedayCT for my racing news and plan events based on the news on those sites. I have no desire to check facebook or NSS website.

Whether this may make sense or not to you it’s the truth and it will have a minor effect on NSS because they will get less ticket sales and concessions from my group.


All this talk is for no reason as Smyrna doesn’t care what anyone thinks. It’s their way or no way. They cater to the few that spend a bunch of money there. Vortec heads just got added to the rules cuz Patricks built motor heads were wrong and it was a easy way to get it back together. Yes other tracks allowed them but with a weight penetly. You seem where Ryan29 said he was told to not post on here and he works for them lol. Patrick also had nobody good to race this past weekend I’m sorry oldschool. Oh well guys just though I would say my .02 cents

Your correct Justin . And now we no the truth. Wow !!! the sportsman class grew because of crate motors . Not built motors !!! now the class will will go down hill and we will know who to blame real nice .

Just so everybody knows, I haven’t run a built motor since the last night of speed weeks, the night my heads were found to be illegal. There has been a crate motor in my car and will be for the forseeable future. There are several cars running vortec head built motors at Newsmyrna, I am not one of them. A vortec head built motor has not won a race at Newsmyrna all year, unless the 9 car of Cody Jett had vortec heads which I would not know. The heads allowed to run on these cars in the past were 1960 and early 1970s double hump style heads, good luck finding a set of those to build into a race motor. They allow the aftermarket SR type heads from World Products, or Dart I believe also. I know of 1 race won this year by a car with that motor combination, and he won because his car handled better than anybody elses. Congrats on that win Sean. Every other race this year was won by a crate motor, except for the night my crate motor got claimed, and Derrick Wood ended up with the win. Congrats also to Derrick.

At other tracks I can only think of 2 races this year that were won with Vortec heads, one at Showtime, one at Desoto, the others were won by Sean and Mike Smith, or a crate motor car.

Remember the Vortec heads were production heads first produced in 1996, and you can buy one brand new from GM today complete with valves and springs for $345.00 each. Sounds like an economical start to a built motor, instead of searching and paying big bucks for an old used up set of double hump heads. Plus the weight penalty for the vortec heads and there you have it, penalizing you for what we all think are better heads. Sounds like somebody thought about a rule change a while ago, and when all the other tracks allowed it with a weight penalty, Newsmyrna did as well.

Patrick Thomas 25

Patrick I see you view but let me explain mine. NSS sportsman class has seen a ton of rule changes over the last 5 or so years every time it hurts the budget racer not the well funded team. Most of the budget guys accumulate parts (used ones)for there car over a period of time so when they break they can replace them. When a rule change happens all those parts plus the ones on the car become obsolete. Weight penalty dissapears in no time. Race shops and car builders destroy racing (lower classes)because they want to outspend the budget guy giving them the advantage. In my time affiliated in sportsman cars at NSS I have seen way to many changes who cares what the other tracks do!!!sportsman rule changes in the last 5 yearsor so, that I can remember; tires,wheels,shocks,fire walls,lightwieght clutches, flywheels, quick changes,third links, motors,bodies, and I know I missed a bunch. I love NSS speedway but it gets tougher each year for the budget racer to stay involved. The well funded teams move on to the next big thing in a few years!

Mike I get it, you forget I work for a pool company similar to you, and scraped money together for the last 15 years trying to race as often as I could. I have great friends who have pushed me to get better as the competition has gotten tougher. I don’t make rule changes, I just race and try to do what I can to win, as everybody does. Last year was the first year I have run for a track championship since 1999 at Columbia Motorsports park in Lakecity. This year is very different for me, yes I have more money to spend than in the past thanks to a true long time car owner who lost his driver last year and had an open seat available, but I still spend as little as possible. I still go 2 sometimes 3 weeks on tires, even though new ones would help. I can’t justify spending money when what we have will work.

The class has changed a lot. All the other tracks changing forced Newsmyrna to change too. If you remember car counts were less than 10 from 2008 through 2013. The changes brought more cars, the class advanced too far for some and they feel they were slighted, but what else could Newsmyrna do. They had a sportsman class with more motor than anywhere, on 10" wide tires and wheels, with what is now a streetstock at any other track in the state.

Patrick Thomas 111

Patrick do you think it should be crate motor only? Tracks can survive with out engine builders . they can’t survive with out racers FACT !

Absolutely, I wish it was crate motors only. Just think the most prominent sportsman team in Florida right now went way out of state to get motors built, Gaerte Engines. The reason why it will never be crate motor only is because there are people that will cry and say they can build a sportsman motor for less than the $3500 it costs to buy a crate motor. Add in the carb and flywheel and you have an additional $1200 on top of the $3500 for a total of $4700 for a brand new crate motor, with a brand new carb and flywheel. But guys will say well I already have a carb and flywheel so now you making it crate motor only knocks out the little guy.

What we all need to look at is this, Almost every racetrack has decided to stop officially posting on Karnac. Why because they can’t control what’s being said. Nobody tells Yoho, or Ronnie, or Rex, or the Rays, or the Harts how to run their racetracks, and them not be able to control it. It’s their home, they will run it the way they see fit. It’s us as racers and race fans choice to go where we want. If you want to go to a track go, but why bash these people and racetracks that give us a place to go play. Look at all the closed down tracks, speed world would be awesome to race at this Friday night, but that place has been bashed so many times, why would ozzy open the gates and pay us to come their. The perception on here says we don’t like the way they are doing it, so why try.

Patrick Thomas 111