Future of Showtime Speedway.... GREAT NEWS

Showtime Speedway
Published by Ricky Butler ? 48 mins ?

It was a crisp December day in 2011 when potential bidders first set foot on what was once Sunshine ?Action? Speedway. There wasn?t a lot left of what once was, but we all had hope to once again have a place to race.

Fast forward to July of 2012 when families packed the stands and cars roared onto the track - the track was back.

Now, in 2016 there has been a lot of speculation about the future of Showtime Speedway. As everyone has come to know, the FDOT project is back on and that was the whole reason the state purchased the property to begin with. In 2012 we were guaranteed five years with the possibility of more come May, 2017.

We have been in discussions with the FDOT and Senator Jack Latvala for several weeks. Today, we met with the Senator and he shared with us that the speedway is here to stay.

It is very difficult to plan for the future when there?s no guarantee that there is one. Today, that burden was lifted. Thank you to all the drivers and fans that support us, it’s SHOWTIME!

Stay tuned…

Congratulations, Robert Yoho!

show time

thanks for the info. about Show Time on Karnac .

I love the track, but the physical plant has been crumbling. I bet this renewed certainty will free up some investment in the infrastructure. Long live Showtime!

Congrats from the "Old Farts Touring Fan Group! Showtime is one of favorite Tracks…

[SIZE=“5”]Congrats from the "Old Farts Touring Fan Group! Showtime is one of favorite Tracks to watch RACING!!! Sure wish everyone could get their schedules in sink. Cars = Fans (=bill board value) = ROI (return on investment). Isn’t this a business???[/SIZE]:aktion033::aktion033::aktion033::sport009:

It’s at the very least someone that built up a successful Towing and automotive business.


And per his self promotion on facebook, he is apparently crazy. And loves and has heavily invested in–racing. They are kind of synonymous, actually.

When I announced at Sunshine, Robert was running one of the wreckers and was always getting Rick & myself to promote his business… I can from personal experience, without a doubt, say that Mr. Yoho is certifiably crazy… Who else would stick his neck out like he has and dump a ton of money into something that had, at best, an uncertain future…
Glad to hear the news… Keep on keepin’ on Robert Yoho and best of luck to you and your entire staff!