Fox/Collins Memorial at Desoto

Eleven open wheel mods taking time.Cody Stickler fastest.Two did not attempt to qualify.Twenty superlates take qualifying attempts.Joe Boyd fastest at 14.913 Atwell second quick Dutilly third fast Aaron Williamson fourth fast in the #67 usually driven by Colin Allman and Billy Bigley Jr fifth fastest.

Three races in the books.Two pretty wild finishes.One in the minis,the other in the street stocks with Jason Bartram grabbing his first win.Intermission right now and the sun is fierce and cooking me for dinner.

Thanks for the updates Zero

Jesse Dutilly took the lead at the starters initial green flag and was never headed as he led every lap to take the Randy Fox Memorial besting a field of twenty one cars.Joe Winchell finished second and Nick Neri was third.

Besting a starting field of twelve in a confusing finish the #54 of Brandon Thompson was declared the winner of the Jack Smith Lee Collins Memorial despite coming across the stripe a straightaway behind the # 99 of Cody Martell.L.j.Grimm was second and Robbie Cooper third.

What happened in the Modified race?
Did Moff & Stickler crash each other out?
I saw they both left the race on the same lap.

Nobody wrecked anybody that’s the thing.I was down in turn four and it was starting to get towards dark and they never turned the track lights on.My brother was sitting down by the finish line and said they displayed a rolled up black flag to Cody with a number of laps left for rough driving (?) he didn’t heed the black flag so I guess they stopped scoring him.Cody did doughnuts at the conclusion of the race thinking he had won until they presented the checker to the declared winner. My view was blocked but my brother said a fight ensued on the track and continued down in the breezeway after the races were over.Nobody wrecked, and that’s what was confusing from my vantage point.

another rare time that a frontstretch track flagman gets accosted by rabid race fans climbing his tower…

Oh wow. I think Cody and his crew have a reputation for this type of behavior.
They where at one time barred from Showtime for the same reason. But that has been since lifted. I’m interested to see if Desoto does the same thing. Thanks for answering my question.

what we did see was the flagman pointed the black flag at Moff by mistake so he pulled off, then it was evident it was for Cody who keep going so they stopped scoring him, Moff was upset as he was sitting in the infield thinking he got black flagged, not sure why this happened when there is a track official with the spotters telling them what is going on

Rule # 1

Never …ever…pull off. Especially if the flag is rolled up. Everyone knows that is a warning. Now if he is pointing at you waving it ???

Ever seen the black flag board a NSS?
The tour trailer had one in it and all the pros had one
and so on. they started using them 20 years ago for the same reason.

the local tracks need to have one .There cheep now.



“If you’re using your back bumper to stay in front of me, It’s my job to use my front bumper to get by you.” 2017 Southern Whelen Wheel Modified Tour Champion Burt Myers.

Unfortunately the real intinidator is no longer with us.

Cody was hitting #54 modified rear in the middle of every corner because he couldn’t get around him. The flag man used a rolled up black flag four times, twice it was paired with a rolled up yellow flag. I repeat four times before he unrolled and waved the black flag twice more at Cody. He continued to drive under #54 bumper until 54 moved up the track after they stopped scoring Cody and let him drive by. His crew then went into the flagmans gate and started cussing him out while the rest of the cars were full fledge racing. The last thing they should have done is distract a flag man and let one of the drivers get t boned and seriously hurt. Someone was pulled away from the flag stand, kicked out of the area and then came running back again screaming and cussing during the middle of the race. At the finish, his crew and fans proceeded to act like animals. It’s good entertainment… Don’t get me wrong… Well worth $15 and a Sunday evening. But honestly All I can say is that watching the interview with Jesse Dutilly after winning the late model race, he is a stand up guy with great sportsmanship. In my opinion, these are the guys that people remember.

Stickler was warned with the rolled up blag flag for about 5 laps, and continued to ram Thompson on every one of those laps.
Then the flagman went to the unfurled black flag for about another 5.
He ignored every warning, every black flag… and in a totally classless move, spent the majority of the remaining laps flipping off the flagman every time by.

He knew he was DQ’ed ling before the finish… but that didn’t stop him from acting like a spoiled kid at the end.

Fast racer… always enjoyed seeing him race. But this was childish at best, and hoping he has nowhere to run until he gets more maturity under his belt.

Classless move dude…

I could see his left hand come up out of the window for several laps as he came off of four didn’t realize he was test flying his bird.With the light getting dimmer likewise I never spotted the rolled up black flag.I still believe if there is a problem that’s not going away you need to bring things to a stop and get it resolved, not let it fester until the end.You aren’t talking about Daytona and trying to bring 40 cars to a halt at 200 mph.Your bringing a dozen cars to a halt on a 3/8 mile track.Things got out of hand at the end because it was left to fester.The flagman needs to gain control of HIS race,not let it be the other way around.

I thought they should throw the red flag, and have a Sheriff meet him at the window telling him to load & leave RIGHT NOW.

Track caved in and decided to pay the 99 for 10th and give him points. Seems legit. I guess now any race is reviewable and can be changed to suit peoples needs. Maybe need to go back and review the 200 lap Sportsman race for Sean Bass since we are making it up as we go along. Just remember, the black flag is merely a suggestion at Desoto. :anim_buttkick:

When people start climbing up into the flag stand, and distract the flagman, it’s time to throw the red for safety… protect those drivers while the flagman is protecting himself and getting rid of the uninvited flag stand guest. And then call the POPO’s to take out the trash…

my two cents

I feel like the 99 should not have been blacked flagged, did not look that bad to me.

Two questions, Is there a track official up in the spotters stand with the spotters? That could have saved a lot of the confusion. Track should have thrown yellow after 2-3 laps of black flag. Also should have gave Moff back his spot at the same time.

Second question/statement, there needs to be Police presence at all of these events for when tempers fly, all of these problems seem to be a lack of staff, and bad calls by officials.

Just my two cents Vince P.