15 mods DQed what the -----

I know that some push the rules,but 15 cars . something is wrong here whats up citrus county speedway.:waffen093::waffen093:

Dont know the answer to the question, but do they pay you if you get dqd? There was a 600 to start type payout…sounds like 9000 to the bottom line…really hope that was not the case…everything wasgoing so well for them.

Good tech catches problems before the big race. Stupid tech throws out 15 cars AND screws up what has historically been one of the best paying, most enjoyable races of the year. Sad, sad, sad.


looks like ever one should get a (new) rule book and comply with the rules. center line of crank, height of crank ,engine setback___ect. in the book

If it is known 15 cars were DQ’ed there has to be more detail than i have seen here.

Enforcemnet of the rules

Enforcement of the rules are a great idea, but as I understand it in the rules it states no aluminum (PARTS in the steering). I was told MR Ray told Dick Anderson the steering wheel was not part of the steering… LOL someone need to contact Ford, GM, Dodge and have them re name that item piece.

If you are going to enforce the Rules at least be accurate. Every modified out there has a aluminum steering wheel or hub that attaches it to the shaft.

Sounds like Citrus needed to pay for the new asphalt. What a better way to do it. Have the mod’s buy tires, fuel, entry fees and all of the other goodies and then disqualify them in post race tech. Good business scheme!

Citrus has disgraced a very good race that has never had an issue in all of the years it has been held.

I hope citrus is happy if this is a sign of things to come the fair board should start looking for new bids because these people will not be around for long…

From a FaceBook post:

What would be so difficult about simply telling the winning driver, “Your window opening is a little bit too small. We aren’t going to throw you out tonight because everyone has been getting away with it for years, but we are interested in enforcing the rules to the letter in the future so it would be in your best interest to have it 100% correct next time I see you here in the tech area”.

“Window opening too small”…?? How large is the window opening on a Modified…? Jeremy crossed the stripe NINTH, and ended up with the win…


I was told - face book page is hearsay

ithink they citrus county speedway tech man should post what each car was dq’d for to clear up all the talk!!!

Tony, once again, THANK YOU for organizing this race every year. With the huge fan turnout, and a field of the best and fastest OWMs in Florida, i hope record amounts of money were raised for the Brann family.
The race was excellent. It looked like Richie Smith was going all the way, but he started to fade near the end. The battle for the lead over the last 10 laps or so, really showed the driving talent of LJ Grimm and Josh Todd.

No More Citrus

Lj Grimm Is The True Winner,josh Todd Second, I Witnessed Tech, It Was A Planned Execution By William Ray To Not Pay Pre Tech Cars Were Legal Post Tech Illegal

I seriously doubt money played any part in the post race inspection. I think we all know the Ray family isn’t worried about spending money.


on sept. 16th Doug Miller posted Ford lowers not legal at EBM Citrus .Ray’s warned go by the Book. DQ your fault

Dave41 you are right on the drivers were aware this would happen, I will thank the Rays for putting there foot down and saying enough is enough. The rest of the racetracks need to follow there example. Cleanup the Mods.

No aluminum in Suspension, Drivetrain or Steering
No trick transmissions
No Ford lowers
12" window openings ( its for your own good )and that includes the ones with a door flap
4" ground clearance
Track width including nerf bars
Door panels on right side behind the engine
Engine crank height

Just read the rule book and everyone will be more competitve with more cars

There Where No Dq,s For Ford Lowers !! Are You That Niave To Think It Isnt About The Money Renegade Racing Fuels, Of Course You Are There Buying Your Fuel With Money Taken From Drivers,wait Till You Get Strung With A Non Payment Check See You In Court Trying To Collect

Read the list there was plenty to go around

Calm down. There might be one or two race track owners i’d worry about, but the Ray family aren’t on the list.

[QUOTE=Renegade Racing Fuels;172163]Calm down. There might be one or two race track owners i’d worry about, but the Ray family aren’t on the list.[/QUOTE] And that’s why I’m sure alot of drivers will continue buying Sunoco race fuels from other places while they’re not racing at Citrus County Speedway.