Still no stands in Punta Gorda

I drove by the speedway in Punta Gorda on my way to Auburndale Sunday morning hoping I would see some signs of a racetrack getting close to reopen. Unfortunately what I didn’t see was more noticeable than what I could see.I guess my race calendar for the rest of 2016 involves traveling several counties away.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am sure they have to pull permits to construct anything due to safety, insurance and lease regulations. It’s been noted on Facebook by them that 1 shipment has a arrived and more are on the way.

From their FB:

4-17 Southern Speedway and Events
October 23 at 9:34pm ?
Just wanted to give an official update, and answer the questions on everybody’s mind: bleachers have started shipping; 1 shipment has arrived, 2 more on the way- it will be in the hands of the engineer, county, and Charles at Bleacher Builders-to take it from here. We are putting the finishing touches on the website; please be patient for about 2 more weeks… then schedules, classes, and rules will be out. Grand opening slated for January 2017… practice and soft opening… hoping for end of November, beginning of December. We have come so far…but have a lot more to do. If you are available on Saturday’s- and have time to spare… we are still in need of volunteers to help get all of us, and your track to the finish line. Thanks so much for the overwhelming support, encouragement, and positivity!!!

Thanks for sharing the info Phil.I don’t do the Facebook thing.Looking forward to an occasional Saturday closer to home.

No problem! I follow all FL tracks very closely and regularly. They have been doing a lot of work down there from what I have seen. I’m anxious to visit when it’s back in operation. It’s one of just a couple FL tracks I never got to make it to when I lived there and I have heard some great things.

Very similar in layout to my old home track Columbus Motor Speedway in Ohio. A third mile with little banking.Main difference being the track in Punta Gorda is still there while the speedway in Columbus is falling prey to the bulldozers about right now as we speak. The first time I went to Punta Gorda after I moved down here seven years ago I was standing in line at the ticket window and noticed the back of the shirt of the guy ahead of me and started talking to him and we raced against each other thirty years earlier in Columbus and I sold the last car I was building to his nephew when I got out of racing.