Don Nerone on the Cover of a New Book!

Great painting of a legendary racer and promoter! LOL

IM much fatter than that dave.

every one know how to do it just ask them.
I did have a great run and made lots of friends and saw a lot of good races.
Sure had plenty of fun in the old days. Don’t know how much fun they are having now.

see ya


Not as much as we did Don…

It is not fun anymore. it is all about how much money you can spend. Or maybe I am just burned out.

I had a 30 year run in the sport. On both sides of the fence.
I sit back and look at the countless hours at the shop, and sometimes working all night, then taking a shower and going to work without even getting any sleep the night before. I wouldn’t change the good times and memories for the world. However you use to be able to out smart your competition. With some little trick you may have found out with trial and error. Now you have some 14 yr old brat that daddy’s deep pockets buys them a ride in a Super and it’s ruining the sport. Back in the day you had to race a full season in a bomber or a mini stock then move up from there to street stock and so on. Racing a full season in each of those classes. Eventually if you had any money left racing a late model. Now it’s go carts to a Super Late at the age of 14. Watching promoters let this happen I chose to step away about 10 years ago. I go to the races a couple times a year and that’s it.