Sportsman rules for governor cup weekend

Quick question. Are the rules gonna be like the DASS series rules for this race or just local newsymrna rules.

Current new smyrna rules. New rules start Jan 1

Ok. Thank you. We will stay home. Lol. We have the small clutch and the high rise 2 barrel intake. (Fups,)

Can it be run under current DASS rules with penalty for clutch. And intake

Don’t forget about the chip rule Stuart. Lol

Patrick Thomas 111

The penalties will come in the tech shed post race :stuck_out_tongue:

well big things coming 2017 for sportsman drivers looks like alot of cars on jack stands i can afford to change to new rules but what i like is cars not racing
with 5 or 6 cars

Not a problem any more Patrick. Set fast time at desoto with chip. So what now.

The 200 was a Desoto rules race, neither you Stuart or Bill raced a DASS race, I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t run a chip in the 200, or we would have seen you in a DASS race.

Patrick Thomas 111

Wrong again we did run the chip rule but we didn’t show up at the Dass race because it got tore up from a bracket breaking on the rear end.

It’s all good we’ll just wait for next season. PS I haven’t had a car in three months it’s just Bill who has a sportsman now.