OWM paying $700.00 to START!!!! Showtime 11-26-2016. Now Robert has BIG ones!!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“6”]OWM paying $700.00 to START!!! Showtime 11-26-2016. Now Robert has BIG ones!!!

From SHOWTIMES site:

Showtime Speedway
November 6 at 2:32am

THE All American Concrete Open wheel Modifieds Florida State Championship 100 will pay $700 to start.
After the First 75 Laps we will put out a Red Flag, All cars that are not on the lead Lap will exit the Track. The final 25 laps will be only lead lap cars and all green. If a caution comes out late it will be a Green White Checker finish.
All cars will need to buy 10 Gallons fuel, and tire’s will be Impounded No entry fee. No Slab Fee.
Don’t know what it pays to WIN!!! But you can count on “The Old Farts Fans Touring Group” paying our $30.00 each to support it in FORCE!!![/SIZE][/I][/B]

First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! The "Old Farts Fan Touring group should have…

[SIZE=“5”]First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! The “Old Farts Fan Touring Group” should have 8 to 10 with us this week at Showtime. Remember save some room for the GREAT Track food!!! Can’t wait to see LOTS of OWM’s going for the $700.00 to start. Haven’t heard how much it is to WIN, but oh well if they have a ton of cars that is all that matters!!! Hope to see everyone there!!![/SIZE]

Sportsman too

Its the only game in town this week. Unless you want to see sprints and latemodels at East Bay

Yes, Robert has never been short on guts, for sure.

Also, the Sportsman cars will be racing.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Is there any driver list anywhere???

[SIZE=“6”]Is there any driver list anywhere??? We the Fans would love to know who mite be coming to the Race??? Could draw more Fans. Just my two cents!!![/SIZE]

Heard there was like 15 OWM’s at last nights practice!!!

[SIZE=“6”]Heard there was like15 OWM’s at last nights practice!!! Should be the PLACE to watch RACING TONIGHT!!![/SIZE]:natur008::auto003::auto003::auto003:

[SIZE=“5”]Is there any driver list anywhere???[/SIZE]

If the purse is all that matters like everybody think, all Florida Mods should b there, no list needed. U should have F-E-D-C-B features B4 the A Feature Main Event. Only one class should fill the pit area to capacity, if, indeed, the purse is all that matters.

I would expect 18-22 cars, pretty much the same ones that would show up if it were $100-$200 to start… This is actually pretty healthy since it’s a holiday weekend and many folks have had other plans for this particular time of year plus many cars are being worked on for the upcoming “season” - actually there is no real race season in Florida, but you have to pull the darn thing apart every so often!